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internacional, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪn(t)ərˈnæʃ(ə)n(ə)l//ɪntəˈnaʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    • Nevertheless, these two nations succeeded because of their participation in international trade.
    • Trade and earnings on international investments now amount to one-third of our nation's output.
    • He predicted better times ahead for international trade as the global outlook continues to improve.
    • Ocean shipping carries nearly 80 percent of the world's international trade in goods.
    • The US, backed by Britain, believes that global poverty can be best addressed by freeing up international trade.
    • Globalisation creates international trade laws that determine the cost and availability of lifesaving drugs.
    • Obviously, in a world where there is no authority to settle international disputes, disarmament gives way to a security dilemma.
    • Also, globalization has led to the growth of the international drug trade.
    • She says she intends to go to Beijing University to study international trade.
    • The question is which of these figures should be used in the comparison with global international trade?
    • Weng is a student in international trade at Guangdong University.
    • The city, which depends on international trade, has been hit hard by the global economic downturn.
    • Worldwide, economies are increasingly dependent on international trade as a source of growth.
    • Rising international trade flows are a primary component of globalization.
    • In political terms, the EU has generally carried less weight in international affairs.
    • The vast majority of cod we eat is sourced from sustainable global stocks, traded on an international market.
    • His claims reveal just how far removed from the existing reality of international relations the government is.
    • Such arrangements could play havoc with the existing international phone system in several ways.
    • Also, international investments carry the risk of foreign currency fluctuations.
    • It is essential that the grave is protected until an international inquiry can be carried out.



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    • In all he competed in eight internationals, representing Wales in the Commonwealth Games at Edinburgh in 1970 and Great Britain in the European Championships at Helsinki the following year.
    • Later this month Carlow's most successful female golfer comes ‘home’ again, this time as manager of the Irish team in the home internationals, played at Oak Park for the first time.
    • On the sporting side, such events included rugby internationals and Olympic soccer matches.
    • Her father played rugby for England, which accounted for her interest in the game and her pleasure in going to rugby internationals at Twickenham.
    • The last time England lost, to Ireland in October, Woodward was ruthless with his side, dramatically changing his team for the autumn internationals that followed and the Six Nations but he ruled this out last night.
    • His round included the Seabank Hotel in Porthcawl, where the Welsh football and rugby teams stayed before internationals.
    • If the name Lions can be applied to all combined British teams to have played internationals against the All Blacks, the record does not make encouraging reading in the northern hemisphere.
    • One thing that has been proved during the whole sorry saga is that playing England internationals at different venues around the country has been a big success.
    • In an illustrious career, Pele scored 1282 goals in 1363 competitive matches, including internationals.
    • It did its best to prevent any cricketers with aspirations of representing the USA in internationals from playing for ProCricket.
    • The organization has 84 clubs in North America involved in football, hurling, and camogie, and sends teams to play internationals in Ireland.
    • He has also represented the Irish schoolboys teams in recent internationals against England.
    • Murphy is calling for Rugby League to put on a grand show and match the colour, atmosphere and euphoria generated at major rugby union internationals.
    • He has now become national veterans' champion and is about to represent England in an international.
    • Northern Ireland games regularly attracted crowds of 30,000 to Windsor Park for home internationals as the team often qualified for international tournaments.
    • Neither team won the home internationals, something that has become more a habit than a surprise.
    • Both of these lads were recently on the Irish team for the home internationals and played their match at a furious pace.
    • I might play three or four games a season for England or Great Britain, but we often play more than 10 internationals a season in rugby union - and have already played 12 in less than a year.
    • She has just been selected to play in the Scottish senior team for the home international in Kilmarnock next weekend.
    • Diggers coach Kelvin Clulee, who had expected the game to be tough, said his side were disjointed as they had not trained together as a team in the last month due to internationals and sevens championships.
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    • The most obvious way of getting a huge wad of cash to the Manager to spend on a team of fancy world-class internationals is by acquiring a multi-billionaire Oil Tycoon.
    • When Carter subsequently played for the League of Ireland representative team against an English league team of internationals he was by some distance the star of the show.
    • I know they didn't field anywhere near what was their strongest team, but they still had a host of internationals in the line-up and I thought we matched them in every department.
    • Their players are mostly internationals and their manager is one of the most experienced around.
    • With both teams including several Olympic internationals, a high quality race is expected as Oxford seek to gain revenge for Cambridge's win last year.
    • The chop change nature of their team selection has also been in stark contrast to their stated aim after the last World Cup that they would work towards building a settled team full of experienced internationals.
    • The supporters' club is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and as a reward Manchester United have agreed to send over two of their most capped players, both English internationals.
    • These include two Brazilian Under-21 internationals and several good players from inside Bulgaria.
    • City were never expected to beat the highly-fancied Newcastle in 1911, which had a team packed with internationals.
    • While St Francis were a non-league team, they did have seven junior Ireland internationals on their team and went on to reach the final that year.
    • Granted, he may not be watching them at international level when he watches them in the Premiership, but given the influx of foreign players in the domestic game most players are competing against internationals on a weekly basis anyway.
    • I didn't mention the names of any of the footballers, though a bloke in the audience told me who the international was and what team the accused are from.
    • Carefully edited videos of East European playmakers, South American internationals and the next big thing out of Africa start piling up on desks.
    • Two senior Leeds players - both internationals - are known to have squared up to each other in the dressing room and had to be separated before the row escalated into an exchange of punches.
    • It would be good for the club if they had two internationals in the team.
    • One player does not make a team, especially a team that has two internationals for every position within its squad, and the financial fire-power to find re-enforcements at will.
    • And, among those whom I have taken to improve pace are England or Great Britain internationals from five different sports.
    • Better players, more internationals, more evenly spread about the clubs, more uncertain (beyond the top three or four) than ever before.
    • Woods also chose China to clear up his views on the levels of animosity creeping into the Ryder Cup, claiming that gamesmanship made it not as much fun as the Presidents Cup between the United States and a team of internationals.
    • On busy days during the school summer holidays, particularly when the Ship pub on the quay hosts its annual beach cricket match against a team of touring internationals, the whole place can become packed.