Traducción de interplay en Español:


interacción, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪn(t)ərˌpleɪ//ˈɪntəpleɪ/


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    interacción femenino
    • They show has interplay of earthen tones in dark and light shades, creating a stunning effect.
    • We need the classical theories in order to understand the complex interplay between economics and politics.
    • With smooth transitions of tone and mood, their interplay was one of perfection.
    • Still, if I were to say there is no sexual interplay in figure photography, that would not be honest.
    • Time is temporally suspended through there being a lack of reciprocal interplay between subject and object.
    • Of course there's the requisite romantic interplay between Dirk and the doc.
    • The interplay between text messaging and radio is as improbable as the convergence of cameras and phones.
    • Anti-discrimination laws might seem at first sight to not to affect this interplay of small corrections, but they do.
    • Only track three has no vocals, and the track is beautiful in its interplay of fragile melody, organ washes, guitar and bass.
    • Its simple and lucid narrative is aglow with moments and charged yet contained interplay of emotions.
    • This interplay between comedy and violence is awkward throughout the film.
    • The work stands out for the strong interplay of shades, colours and forms.
    • I think what really endears this show to its audience is the family-type interplay between the characters.
    • This interplay of repartee and rhythm kept the audience totally entertained.
    • The interplay between purity and pollution is a leitmotif of this exhibition.
    • But although there's plenty of interplay here, none of it really raises the hairs on your arms.
    • The flirting, the teasing, just the whole interplay between them is great.
    • The eight tracks glow with grace, pace, melodic invention and their assured interplay.
    • The complex interplay between the various forces involved results in a rapidly changing picture.
    • The same complex interplay operated between the economic and political objectives of the post-Cold War peace.