Traducción de interprovincial en Español:


interprovincial, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪntəprəˈvɪnʃ(ə)l//ˌɪn(t)ərprəˈvɪnʃ(ə)l/


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    • Exceptions as noted in the interprovincial, import and export sections may prevail over this requirement.
    • The driving force is a 1994 federal, provincial and territorial agreement designed to break down interprovincial trade barriers.
    • According to real estate appraisers and real estate sales professionals, the interprovincial difference between the value of a single-family residence may be negligible for those priced under $75,000.
    • Until 1972, the interprovincial difference was negligible.
    • The Code does not apply to federal government workers in federally regulated industries such as banking, telecommunications and interprovincial transportation; they are covered by federal safety codes.
    • In contrast, interprovincial for-hire trucking is more prevalent in Ontario and the Prairie Provinces.
    • Really, this was one area that was long overdue and kept Ontario students from keeping on par with their interprovincial counterparts.
    • The case for Ontario assuming jurisdiction would be stronger if this were an interprovincial case; however, its international nature by no means prohibits Ontario from assuming jurisdiction.
    • This section outlines some of the interprovincial meetings and activities that involved our ministry.
    • The percentages have jumped this season, and if they reached the current level a year ago we might well have made the semi-finals of the European Cup and perhaps won the interprovincial championship as well.
    • There's a feast of exciting interprovincial and international cricket to savour during the 2000-2001 cricket season which starts soon.
    • There was a growing flow of passengers too, for most interprovincial travel was still done by sea.
    • Administration would be based on existing interprovincial mechanisms, the report says.
    • Another observer, writing in the mid-nineteenth century, placed the decline at 8 percent a year, with an additional loss of 2.75 percent due to interprovincial sales southward.
    • A council could help sort out interprovincial differences and allow provincial input into areas of federal jurisdiction, like trade, in which the provinces have a significant interest.
    • Thus, a framework now exists for the full mobility and interprovincial recognition of psychologists.
    • Champions Eastern Province set the ball rolling with an absorbing encounter against Northerns in the A section of the men's interprovincial hockey tournament on Monday.
    • Prior to this, we had six game competitions, the interprovincial championship and the European Cup, and there was little room for that to happen.
    • Between 1868 and 1888 a number of sites had been suggested for a second interprovincial bridge.
    • How would this impact on the interprovincial relations, given that private property is provincial jurisdiction.