Hay 2 traducciones principales de intimate en Español

: intimate1intimate2


íntimo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɪntɪmət//ˈɪn(t)əmət/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (friend/friendship) íntimo
      (talk/discussion) de carácter íntimo
      (talk/discussion) de carácter privado
      in intimate collaboration en estrecha / íntima colaboración
      • to be intimate with sb tener intimidad con algn
      • Children are also increasingly joining the trend of writing online diaries, or ‘blogs’, which often contain intimate personal details.
      • Banking is a private, intimate activity and most people want to do it with someone they know, rather than a different person every week.
      • I'm afraid that too many reviewers are disappointed when a memoir is not a dishy tell-all, serving up personal, intimate details.
      • They thought I was going to tell intimate, personal details about her life.
      • After all, designing our living space is a way of ordering the most personal, intimate details of our day-to-day existence.
      • In still fewer cases will the ads disclose some of the most private, intimate details of our personal feelings and sexual histories.
      • How can he possibly cringe at the intimate details of people's lives?
      • Many writers use the intimate detail of their personal experience to provide the material for their songs.
      • When people share intimate details of their lives with a virtual stranger, it affirms that an implicit context of trust has been established.
      • With perfect anonymity, I paged through the most intimate details of other people's lives.
      • Although she refuses to discuss intimate details of her personal life, her music itself is autobiographical.
      • Why does the government care so much about the twists and turns of people's private, intimate lives?
      • Their interrogation was demeaning and humiliating, probing the most intimate details of my personal and family life.
      • But the lesbian scene can feel crushingly claustrophobic, with people knowing the intimate details of your life before they've even met you.
      • Never once did I exploit the intimate details of my personal life.
      • Secretly filming people in intimate situations without their consent should see voyeurs jailed for up to three years, the Law Commission recommends in a report released today.
      • Because you don't really want complete strangers overhearing the most intimate details of your personal hygiene routine, do you?
      • Just remember that you do not - in fact, should not - share all the intimate details of your private life with them.
      • Freud, the man who spent his life investigating the kind of intimate secrets which people strive to conceal from themselves as well as from others, was extremely reluctant to reveal his own.
      • At a time when public figures and celebrities are revealing intimate details about their personalities and home life, the press reflects our confessional culture.

    • 1.2formal (sexual)

      (relationship) íntimo
      to be intimate with sb tener relaciones íntimas con algn
      • I felt I'd found the perfect person for me and thought he felt the same… until recently, when he told me of his desire for me to be intimate with another man and him.
      • She stalked us to no end with claims that she had herpes, that she had been intimate with Kenny, and that we all needed to seek medical attention.
      • I've dated one girl four times but have not have not been intimate with anyone.
      • I suppose the one reason why I am so anxious to make a decision is because the next person I want to be intimate with has to care about me more than I care about them.
      • There are, in fact, many choices that lead to the ultimate choice to be sexually intimate with someone outside your partnership.
      • Dating lets you get intimate with someone without the commitment, contributing to broken hearts.
      • Invite him to ask you questions, and let him know of your desire to be sexually intimate with him once precautions are taken.
      • He called me up a few days ago, however, to confess he got drunk, picked up a woman in a bar, took her home, and was intimate with her.
      • When taking your medical history, does your doctor ask questions like: Are you intimate with men?
      • All of this goes into being intimate with someone.
      • Even though she was sexually intimate with Tony, Sharon sees Tony's silence on his HIV status as stoic rather than a breach of trust.
      • Yes, I think women are very beautiful, and I love being friends with women and being intimate with women.
      • Two questions - how did you come to find out that he'd been intimate with other women?
      • We have not been intimate with one another, so sex too early in the relationship wasn't the ruining factor.
      • About a year ago I really started to miss being sexually intimate with a man.
      • When you become sexually intimate with a man in order to boost your self-esteem, you're opting for a quick fix of attention.
      • We were intimate with each other, and the love was definitely there.

    • 1.3

      (party/restaurant/atmosphere) íntimo
      • It's a warm, intimate place with only seven tables, but the food is as good as anything you'll find in bigger city establishments.
      • Its 2500 square feet of accommodation is cleverly spread over five levels, with the result that this is a large house which has retained a cosy, intimate atmosphere.
      • Best of all, the more intimate settings of regionals provide ample opportunity to meet colleagues and network.
      • Stepping up from the smoky, buzzing pub that it sits atop, my friend Linda and I were immediately enveloped into a cosy, intimate space painted a deep royal blue and set off by the warm glow of mood lighting.
      • It's an intimate place, a private place, but we invited the audience to watch us work.
      • This small restaurant is hidden away in the bowels of the place, and has a cosy, intimate atmosphere more akin to a city-centre restaurant than a golf club.
      • But the pretty singer has planned that her Dublin debut should take place in front of her own fans in a more intimate setting…
      • If that crowd has a more intimate place to go where they'll know a lot of the people, they'll like that better.
      • Although I am a fan of the mainstage at the Bard on the Beach, the intimate setting of the stage was perfect for the staging of Macbeth.
      • It's a lovely intimate place and to me, the big theatres are a thing of the past and this is the future.
      • All ten members of the team had to hot-foot it round the corner to Studio 7, a cosy, intimate place but not our friend S6.
      • The ‘open mike’ idea gives an opportunity to singers and musicians of every style to come up and perform in a relaxed, intimate setting.
      • He did not like using computers, but one wonders if the many fine blogs that make faraway and foreign spaces into intimate places for us would have changed his mind about technology.
      • The original features, with elegant coving and panelling can be found throughout the hotel, but especially in the dining room, they create a warm, intimate atmosphere.
      • There are some economic advantages to small, intimate places that function informally.
      • The intimate setting, the interactive, spontaneous nature of the show and the versatility of the talent make for a fun and unique evening.
      • A night with this Birr native in the intimate setting of Moon River, where there is room for only 90, will be a very special evening's entertainment.
      • This culinary hotel combines international style and luxury with welcoming hospitality and personal attention in a warm, intimate atmosphere.
      • The 60-seat theatre space offers an intimate setting between the actors and the audience.
      • When he's not traveling, which he does frequently, Henry can be found hanging out in the studio where the warm and intimate setting is enhanced with the sounds of jazz.

  • 2

    • 2.1(private)

      (emotions/confessions/secret/details) íntimo

    • 2.2euphemistic (concerning private parts)

      (protection/deodorant) íntimo eufemismo
      intimate apparel prendas íntimas femenino

  • 3

    • 3.1(close)

      (association/link) estrecho
      (association/link) íntimo
      • He was the outsider who was on intimate terms with them, communicating through comic mime with expressions and gestures that became a well known code.
      • Even his intimate friends in the literary circuit dread the occasional outbursts which reflect his cynical humour and contempt for hypocrites.
      • Kahlo, the most notorious of the three, was a member of Mexico's Communist movement, wife of radical leftist painter Diego Rivera, and intimate friend of Leon Trotsky.
      • Examples include finding yourself wandering by a dual carriageway at 5am, or finding yourself snogging someone with no idea how you got onto intimate terms with them.
      • In other words, when you are on fairly intimate terms with your diners, you are expected to compromise your recipes.
      • It should have come as no surprise that Berger and Schröder were on intimate terms.
      • If you're on incredibly intimate terms with your flatmates, get them to check for you.
      • And let your most intimate friends know you'd rather stab yourself in the eye with a fork than vote for the Liberal.
      • Although Johnson himself was a fervent Tory, it is interesting to note that he was on friendly and intimate terms with several well-known Whigs.
      • He's brought another man with him, and they exchange a few words that suggest that they are on intimate terms.
      • Argerich is on intimate terms with the composers whose work she performs.
      • Margot writes Anne that she does not hold a grudge, and that she would not confide in someone unless they were on intimate terms.
      • He boasted that he was on intimate terms with several high-ranking police officers.
      • The Heskeths were on intimate terms with Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby, whose country seat was Knowsley Hall (six miles east of Liverpool).
      • Apart from everything else, I am their intimate friend.
      • The following day an intimate crowd of friends and family gather in the backyard under a small gazebo to watch the pseudo match-up.
      • Today, I'm told, the people of Basra whisper and mumble about the intifada, but only among family members at home or in tearooms with their most intimate friends.
      • We have been led to believe that you and she knew each other on intimate terms.
      • Then Cady has to make intimate friends - leapfrogging rank and precedence with miraculous speed - with the villainesses of the piece.
      • He has not convinced me that events would have transpired any differently if Roosevelt and Churchill had been on less intimate terms.

    • 3.2(detailed)

      (knowledge) profundo
      to be intimate with sth estar interiorizado de algo Cono Sur formal
      • Even there, Adam created a trio of sisters whose emotional interplay betrays an intimate knowledge of twisted sibling diplomacy.
      • And the locals had intimate knowledge of the trails.
      • Within every masochist lies the deep seated and intimate knowledge of the sadist - and vice versa.
      • A more critically-minded minister of health services armed with more intimate knowledge of the subject might be more hesitant about making such broad changes.
      • Their intimate knowledge of plants, birds and other creatures of the tropical jungle could help advances in medical sciences.
      • A particular generation may see itself progressing but the next generation may not have any intimate knowledge of that kind of crisis, that conversion experience, that new vision.
      • People know where they live at a level of intimate knowledge that no professional can compete with.
      • For instance, history and intimate knowledge of a society are way outside the scope of his economic vision, even though they must feed the model in an utterly essential way.
      • There, he was to spend 22 years as a fitter of escalators, a job which he knew inside out and excelled at through his intimate knowledge of the business.
      • A craftsman must be master of his tools, and mastery is impossible without intimate knowledge.
      • But given, as we know, that these things can take all sorts of twists and turns, I think any chairman of the authority would want his or her clerk well out of intimate knowledge of these matters.
      • The wily, galvanising 66-year-old, has an intimate knowledge of football's cul-de-sacs.
      • Steve possesses deep, intimate knowledge of both Churchill and Reagan, having written books on each, though he deploys his learning lightly.
      • To go not the fastest against the clock, but most efficiently with the powers one has, which includes an intimate knowledge of and a healthy respect for one's own limits.
      • Obviously, the curator of an owning museum will have intimate knowledge of their collection and would not lightly make such a decision.
      • Proper end-of-life care requires an intimate knowledge of the dying patient and experience with a wide range of treatment modalities.
      • Certainly it is very common for wives to have intimate knowledge of the work memo stylings of their husbands and can vouch for their reliability 30 years after the fact.
      • We conclude that it is still possible that our current understanding of planetary systems is unduly coloured by our intimate knowledge of our own solar system.
      • I doubt whether any senior members of the opposition, either, have enough intimate knowledge of Asian societies and customs to be effective.
      • Let me ask you this, because you do have experience, intimate knowledge of the country, its people.



  • 1

    amigo íntimo masculino
    amiga íntima femenino
    they are intimates son (amigas) íntimas
    • I was always Alfred and my intimates knew me so, until a Scottish aunt much later insisted on adding the Scottish form of Alistair.
    • These are just your people, your family, these are your closest intimates, the ones you have the most fun with and relate to on the most comfortable, silly level.
    • His few intimates found him a warm friend, and he was a loving, even playful husband to two successive wives, both daughters of Presbyterian ministers who were college presidents.
    • She is increasingly agitated and anxious over her medical condition, keeping it secret from all but her closest intimates.
    • His reliance on a small circle of trusted intimates, most marked after 1471, has an Arthurian ring to it; and his knights were collectively as reliable and loyal as Arthur's fabled round-tablers.
    • Humour is said to loosen boundaries between strangers and strengthen bonds between friends and intimates.
    • In 1948-49 they were ordered to write up everything learnt about Adolf Hitler through interrogations of his captured intimates.
    • This latter finding is particularly telling as trust in friends and intimates does act as a stress buffer for street kids.
    • The task becomes all the more difficult when they often do not even trust their friends and intimates.
    • Usually these prayers, whether in worship or personal devotions, include petitions for four overlapping groups of people: intimates and friends, public authorities, enemies and the needy.
    • Finally, although we expect that street kids will not trust authority figures, one might assume that they will trust their friends and intimates, the social network that is part of their life on the street.
    • In all but a few of the Canadian true-crime stories, the sins of pride, envy, anger, greed and lust led to the murders of people who had known each other, either as friends, intimates or rivals.
    • The same study investigates the question whether executions deter crimes of passion and murders by intimates.
    • This finding is understandable given that, in Asian culture, people tend to seek help from intimates, including friends and family, rather than a stranger, such as a counselor.
    • Her pro-euthanasia friends and intimates were secure in their moral knowledge and capacities when she took her fatal dose.
    • And though it strewed the stage with disaster and disgrace, nevertheless, not even their closest intimates could presume to reproach them.
    • Well, I was one of his friends, but I wasn't one of his real intimates.
    • The fellow with the cell phone, ironically named Virgil, chats obsessively on it with a number of intimates, including his former girlfriend Alice.
    • But they reflect a common but treacherous error: that thoughts appropriate to reveal to friends and intimates are also appropriate to reveal to the world.
    • We were intimates, friends who could share our deepest fears, loves and hopes.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de intimate en Español

: intimate1intimate2


insinuar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɪntɪmeɪt//ˈɪn(t)əˌmeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    dar a entender
    to intimate sth to sb insinuarle algo a algn
    • she intimated to us that … nos dio a entender / nos insinuó que …
    • he intimated that he would retire in May dio a entender / insinuó que se jubilaría en mayo
    • Arnold believed that the spirit of the age intimates equality.
    • This is an auteur who works from deep within herself to establish a mood, adumbrate a design, build a tempo, and intimate an idea.
    • This bird of night portends misplaced anger and hasty decisions, and intimates an imminent death.
    • I intimate these things to Ed, my mailman, who nods politely.
    • I haven't got a clue either, and it isn't the first time, as intimated by my use of this unique morsel for the title of what you are now reading.
    • There beginning in the sixth paragraph an answer was intimated.
    • Well, I think they were - they - they intimated a great deal, but they were never as blatant as the press is today.
    • Now, as we intimated a week ago, the thought that he might depart to run the Victoria and Albert Museum fills the chattering classes with horror.
    • He moved to live in Australia, he said to ease the pain of arthritis, although some intimated it was to escape the gaze of Her Majesty's Inspector Of Taxes.
    • Here Maury's chronometrical sea science intimates the degree to which the chronometer had come, in the Victorian age, to embody nothing less than rationality itself.
    • Woodward intimated last month that he would prefer new faces on the board rather than launch a bid for the company.
    • Lane intimated the donations were disclosed in the annual report, however finding the exact reference in the 110 pages has eluded your correspondent.
    • It intimated emancipation, a freeing of the mind.
    • Together they prompted riots at the screenings of their work, with gruesome and incendiary images that intimated the moral bankruptcy of bourgeois values and institutions.
    • The handclaps that begin the song intimate a playfulness throughout, and a funky guitar and fuzzy keys sew together seemingly independent jams.
    • It was a male voice, but it must have been someone from her office, or what ever celebrities have, because I get another nasty e-mail intimating legal action.
    • I intimated something like this to my tutor, perhaps without so much detail, and she suggested that maybe a reliance on qualitative data could well be more suited to my research focus.
    • My delayed reaction intimated a need for clarification.
    • However, it must be remembered that similar sentiments have often been intimated by other observers.
    • The Indian Paralympic Committee, which has intimated his selection, has stated that being a voluntary organisation, it was not in a position to extend any financial help.