Traducción de intimation en Español:


indicio, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪn(t)əˈmeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌɪntɪˈmeɪʃn/


  • 1

    (sign) indicio masculino
    (sign) indicación femenino
    (inkling) presentimiento masculino
    we had no intimation of what was about to happen nada nos hizo prever lo que ocurriría
    • This was the first intimation that Cihuatan was a real city, not a ceremonial center with a small area of elite housing.
    • The concluding chapters seek clues to the enigma among a maze of misconceptions and misinterpretations, and occasional intimations of conspiracy.
    • But as our friends are here, innocently, we must not only do our best to entertain them, but avoid the slightest intimation that they were not expected.
    • My intimations to him, in reference to the possible imposition that was being practiced upon him, however, were indignantly repelled.
    • It was, arguably, the first intimation that the war was heading towards the endgame.
    • The image is a fearful intimation of tragedy, a presentiment of a century of spiritual crisis.
    • The intimation of immortality comes from this sense of love for all humanity.
    • In so doing they imply that different books should be read differently and provide intimations of how particular books should be read.
    • Her mouth was set in the vague intimation of a smile.
    • This journey gave the world its first intimation of the reality of the deep ocean.
    • There it was again - a clear intimation of sorrow.
    • For in our mostly secular age it is often art that provides us with intimations of the divine.
    • The approach to the house, looking down on roofs and with a view of the Pacific, gives some intimation of drama.
    • Quick to fear the worst, she was horrified by his intimation.
    • Along the way, he learns Japanese (the intimation is quite a lot) from a Japanese lass whom he meets in a college in California.
    • The animistic overtones of the book, and its intimations of love and death, made a deep impression.
    • Every gardener longs for the first intimation of spring.
    • With victory this time, it seemed, came intense mourning and an intimation of mortality.
    • Inside, this intimation was driven home by the estimates printed beside each object.
    • We are given intimations of romance, all along recognizing that it is unlikely to be realized or consummated.