Traducción de intoxicate en Español:


obnubilar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈtɒksɪkeɪt//ɪnˈtɑksəkeɪt/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    (disorient, elate)
    (alcohol/drugs) obnubilar formal
    (beauty/success) embriagar literario
    • He had been drinking, but he was not intoxicated.
    • Obviously she was pretty drunk because when I'm intoxicated I'm not exactly the most attractive guy in the world.
    • I was intoxicated by so many smiling, happy faces.
    • Language intoxicated Vijayan; he delighted in the rhythms of Malayalam and its versatility in evoking the many moods of native landscapes and feeling.
    • Yes, but you don't get tired, your feet don't hurt, the beer only intoxicates you if you let it, and every woman that you'll see will be smoking hot.
    • So what we've attempted to do is look at the living, working brain, using a functional MRI scanner, while people are intoxicated either with alcohol or marijuana or combinations of the drugs.
    • Romantic notions of serving his country and fighting heroically intoxicated him.
    • Furthermore, I had seen Jessica's behavior when she was intoxicated, and certain stories were probably embellished a little.
    • This test is not satisfied by evidence that the defendant had consumed so much alcohol that he was intoxicated.
    • If a large quantity of a given drink intoxicates, then a small quantity of that drink is forbidden.
    • I am intoxicated by the smell of the earth, after the first hint of rains, not for hurting you, but for giving my senses immeasurable pleasure.
    • I am so thrilled and honored and grateful and humbled and privileged and intoxicated by this wonderful opportunity to ask you a brief question on this celebrated historic occasion.
    • In his later teens, he became intoxicated by the accordion styles of the great press and draw players, notably Joe Cooley, Jackie Daly and Tony McMahon.
    • We were intoxicated by the peaceful power we had.
    • No it's not an obsession, it is the fact that never has a footballer's sheer skill so intoxicated me as that of the spindly-legged waif from Belfast.
    • Journalists quickly become intoxicated by the ether of war and all the excitement and danger that awaits on the front line.
    • Sheer delight ensued as all were intoxicated with its merrymaking!
    • If you are intoxicated it can be quite hard to explain the situation in a coherent way.
    • The mixed drink should not have intoxicated him, but if one drinks enough of any kind of liquor, drunkenness is sure to follow.
    • About five years ago, when Tibet was still a cinematic subject of highest fashion, I was too intoxicated by my own interest to watch these films with an objective eye.
    • The excitement and anticipation of the opportunity intoxicated him.
    • They were highly intoxicated or on drugs, it's difficult to tell.
    • He was intoxicated beyond his mind from the high amounts of alcohol he consumed.
    • That old book smell intoxicated me for so many years - as a teenager, college student, and grad student - then I forgot about it.
    • I started watching it, and I became totally intoxicated by it.
    • When she was certain that the embrace intoxicated him enough, she moved quickly and grasped the knife from his belt and pulled away harshly.
    • Kids who abuse inhalants often look and act as if they're intoxicated from drinking alcohol.
    • Winter comes much earlier in the province, and snow blankets some of its cities while much of the rest of the country is still intoxicated with the delights of autumn in October.
    • I do a lot of these cases and all of the abuse in this case happened when Paula had an alcohol problem, when she was intoxicated.
    • War, he explained, simplifies and focuses life; it offers purpose and thus exhilarates and intoxicates; it is, in the words of Hedges's title, a ‘force that gives us meaning.’
    • We don't allow people into sessions if they are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
    • The gang of trouble-makers moved straight into the crowd which was intoxicated by the throbbing music and snatched from among them a young girl and pinned her to a settee.
    • It seemed it didn't take much to get his friend drunk as a skunk, and though he'd never actually seen her tipsy before, the stories about her while she was intoxicated were legendary.
    • ‘As a teenager, I was intoxicated, drunk on the words,’ he says.
    • He was intoxicated by the sheer colour and vibrancy and lushness of language Thomas used to describe childhood and the countryside he grew up in.
    • The group was intoxicated and were drinking in public, and Christie asked them to clean up and take their party elsewhere.
    • I have never been able to catch that feeling again, and I think it was mostly due to the fact that I was completely intoxicated, after not much more than a plastic cup of alcohol.
    • Was the bar responsible for serving him alcohol when he was already intoxicated?
    • Drug tests were also performed, but the affidavit concluded he was intoxicated by alcohol only.
    • The person is intoxicated through alcohol or drugs
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