Traducción de intrapreneur en Español:


empresario interno, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪntrəprəˈnəː//ˌɪntrəprəˈnər/


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    empresario interno masculino
    empresaria interna femenino
    • There is the public sector and intrapreneurs within private companies.
    • Creating intrapreneurs, executives who can innovate and lead from within a company, is now one of the key drivers in executive education programmes such as those run by IMD in Switzerland.
    • Chapters 4 and 5 carry this institutional perspective further by using it to analyze differences in behavior between Singapore-based entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.
    • Rather, as happens in a franchise where an individual buys into a successful business concept, an intrapreneur benefits through being able to trade on the reputation of the parent without having to start afresh.
    • Gooden, Thomas, and Taylor are among an elite grouping of enterprising and innovative corporate professionals called intrapreneurs.
    • The power in Tokyo rests with the restless, the young people of the streets creating art and music, and intrapreneurs developing new consumer products and services.
    • Other managers emerged as intrapreneurs, applying emotion management to drive change, and this relaxed the unrealistic requirement that virtually every influential organizational actor must support and drive change.
    • If you want to build such a case, you can learn a lot by studying the tactics of the self-styled intrapreneurs who have launched startups within their own organizations.
    • ‘The MBET will primarily appeal to those individuals who need to acquire the business knowledge necessary to start and operate high technology ventures as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs,’ says the site.
    • I've been an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur.
    • We'd rather transform everyone into grassroots leaders, change agents, intrapreneurs.
    • Can they use these managers to replace intrapreneurs who have departed, or will the CEOs have to continue raiding for scarce talent?