Traducción de introspective en Español:


introspectivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪntrəˈspɛktɪv//ɪntrəˈspɛktɪv/


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    • Its dark brooding tone matching the introspective loneliness of its hero makes it the antithesis of its 1944 predecessor.
    • Kate can turn Pete into a mumbling, introspective bore
    • It wasn't easy, she admits, and she has not arranged them chronologically, but rather to establish an introspective and confessional storyline.
    • Then some of them are very contemplative and introspective.
    • She was very introspective and pensive, and I always had the feeling that her awareness was somehow contained in mine.
    • Stuff has been happening, but it's all kind of introspective, sad stuff that isn't that easy to write, even if I did have any intention of splashing it all over the web.
    • This, their second album, takes a much more thoughtful and introspective direction than their previous, more rocky music.
    • I mean comic books don't promote introspective contemplation and societal theory, do they?
    • He's very introspective and reflective, and he's caught up in the problems of existence in a non-religious world.
    • Every three weeks I leave it until the last minute, can find sod all to write about, and end up with something introspective to the point of self-indulgent.
    • Then there's Tommy, a thoughtful, introspective type, approaching 30.
    • But if this introspective process ensures companies are not overvalued in the market, then it perhaps creates better stability in the long term.
    • The museum urges us to be introspective, to consider how we would confront moral dilemmas or how we would feel if our friends and families were being systematically murdered.
    • Are we more introspective or more extroverted in wanting to share our thoughts?
    • Everything was more subtle and introspective.
    • The result is a series of distant, icy meditations on life and living; impossibly remote and unhealthily introspective.
    • A remarkably introspective thought, given the outward-facing nature of previous steps of unpacking.
    • They've dispensed with the catchy choruses and the larking around, replacing them with introspective musings.
    • Have you recently done a bit more self-analysis, introspective digging around?
    • The question remains whether the new parliament will act as a springboard for fresh ideas or if it will cause the country to narrow its view, becoming too introspective for its own good.