Traducción de introvert en Español:


introvertido, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪntrəˌvərt//ˈɪntrəvəːt/


  • 1

    introvertido masculino
    introvertida femenino
    • For some of us - call us introverts if you like, misanthropes if you must - Mass is a precious hour of communion with God amidst relative calm (especially if your parish is fortunate enough to have a cry room).
    • The acoustic chanteuse may be the only introvert in coke-bottle glasses whose helium-laced voice can command such rapt attention from a punk bar crowd.
    • But introverts feel when they're not interested any more, it's time to move on.
    • I have yet to meet a poetry-lover who was not an introvert, or an introvert who was not unhappy in adolescence.
    • It's probably the first time that I have thought of being an introvert as being not necessarily a bad thing, not necessarily something I need to change, not something odd or weird or horrible.
    • I am an introvert, I am a loner, and so the nature of who I choose to love (or who chooses to love me) has very little to do with how I spend my time outside the bedroom.
    • I'm still an introvert, but I was way introverted then.
    • I'd always thought I was a misanthrope, but maybe I'm just an introvert instead.
    • From introverts, these children gradually became confident persons.
    • In a way, despite his impressive personality, he was something of an introvert, and basically a shy person.
    • So just how does an avowed introvert who shuns fame and has lacked, for the last 16 years she says, the basic ability to make friends, take such an extroverted record on the road and communicate it to others?
    • In a family of A-types, she's an introvert, not really all that happy with her life, but not willing to muster the gumption to do anything about it.
    • She's an introvert, certainly not out-there, um, not one of the groupies that, you know, people would see hanging off the footballers.
    • An introvert by nature, he channeled his frustration into wrestling, a sport known for its solitude and discipline. The family moved to a two-story home on a winding, leafy street in Woodland Hills.
    • Can an introvert be a successful autograph seeker?
    • The Stanford study found that people who were extrovert themselves gave higher approval ratings to ‘extrovert’ computer personalities while introverts preferred the introverted reviewers.
    • An introvert by nature, he is also rated by team-mates as a ‘serial pest’ because of his willingness to participate in dressing-room pranks.
    • And the lo-fi continuum being celebrated here did in fact turn out to be a confederacy of introverts, if not to say solipsists.
    • It's generally thought that shyness goes hand in hand with introversion, but many introverts simply prefer solitary to social activities.
    • Maybe it's time for all of us introverts to join together and become a force to be reckoned with… but only if that's alright by you and you haven't got anything better to do.