Traducción de intruder en Español:


intruso, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈtruːdə//ɪnˈtrudər/


  • 1

    intruso masculino
    intrusa femenino
    I felt like an intruder me sentí como una intrusa
    • before noun intruder alarm alarma contra intrusos
    • The intruders are believed to have got into the building through an unlocked door.
    • Like me, they know how it feels to have your most private space invaded by an intruder.
    • A terrified burglary victim was threatened with an axe after finding intruders in his home.
    • The intruder, or intruders, then found the safe key and helped themselves to the cash within.
    • Back then, intruders were not prosecuted, but were dealt with a little more severely.
    • He lay in wait for the intruders, having been the victim of earlier burglaries, chased them out of the house and shot them both.
    • A woman today told of her terror as she fought with an intruder trying to burgle her home at night.
    • If any intruders were to come into the house at that particular time, I'd have whacked them.
    • The owner of a mail order lingerie business which was ransacked by burglars has spoken of her disgust at the intruders.
    • The intruder left the premises, taking a quantity of money and other items.
    • He is apparently viewed as a troublemaker and an intruder who should be ousted as soon as possible.
    • Doors and windows at the Barfield Road building have been damaged by vandals and intruders in recent weeks.
    • As proved in the dismissal of the whole rewriting the law on intruders.
    • He denied attacking his wife and setting fire to the house and alleged that it had been done by intruders.
    • The choice between trapping and evicting an intruder is a recurring dilemma in cyber security.
    • The temptation is for the intruder to go to the open part of the premises in order to attempt to commit an offence.
    • Police said last night that the intruder may have been working with an accomplice who waited outside the flat.
    • Birds do this by pretending to have a broken wing, to pull intruders away from their nests.
    • That having been done, we know we are not dealing with a robber or an ordinary intruder, do we not?
    • The property is fairly isolated and an intruder would not be easy to spot without someone being on site permanently.