Traducción de intuition en Español:


intuición, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪnt(j)uˈɪʃ(ə)n//ɪntjʊˈɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (irrational feeling)
    intuición femenino
    I had an intuition about the outcome intuí lo que iba a pasar
    • don't rely on your intuition no confíes en la intuición
    • female / women's intuition intuición femenina
    • The work is an attempt to say something interesting by exploring the author's hunches and intuitions.
    • Where exactly do you draw the distinction between concepts and intuitions in the actual use of language?
    • Subjective insights, intuitions and hunches fall into this category of knowledge.
    • Hunches, guesses, insights, feelings, and intuitions lead to misdirection and error.
    • A second and more important reason not to rely on moral intuitions is that they may simply be wrong or unjust.
    • It can indicate premonitions or other intuitions about what is to come.
    • With that in mind, it's always interesting to see intuitions confirmed by quantitative or experimental analysis.
    • What is certified in the end is a set of impressions, insights, and intuitions.
    • Each can be seen as attempting to refine, rather than reject, the basic intuitions which motivated the previous one.
    • It's sort of an odd way of thinking about it, but it certainly matches many people's intuitions.
    • In this area, we quickly come down to moral intuitions and visceral reactions.
    • These intuitions are strengthened when we consider how current technology might conceivably extend.
    • However, though intuitions can vary here, there is a powerful case for answering ‘No’.
    • His purpose on earth was to offer his own thoughts and intuitions to fellow seekers.
    • According to this account, our original intuitions about this inference were wrong.
    • Still, his obstinate moral intuitions may have been a virtue in this crisis.
    • I have not seen anything that's as sensitive as workers' intuitions.
    • Excluded from consideration are such matters as a speaker's intentions, intuitions, and conceptualizations.
    • As an illustration, consider our intuitions about brain-transplants.
    • Here fundamental human moral intuitions will inevitably come into play.
  • 2formal

    intuición femenino
    • Enhance your intuition, which will allow you to look deeply within yourself and into others around you.
    • She learns some of her trade from books, but relies on her intuition and common sense for much more.
    • Instinct and intuition rule their actions and decisions and reason be dammed!
    • They know they have to live their own lives, and use that inherent intuition as a guide to practical decisions.
    • They had no firm evidence, but every ounce of their intuition and common sense told them it was a stupid thing to do.
    • I've heard it vaguely before, and it exposes a hole in my understanding and intuition, if true.
    • When I think about it, probably what I'm being told to do is just to run with my intuition and common sense.
    • She uses her acting abilities and intuition to bluff foes out of their clothes.
    • If the analyst does not know how to behave, or hold the frame, there is little room for intuition.
    • His impulse is to flee, however his intuition is to stay with his child's waking memory.
    • In following your inner guide, wisdom and intuition you feel more whole, integrated and centered.
    • And also many of us believe that intuition is one of our tools in this search.
    • She totally keeps amazing me with her intuition, her perception and her intellect.
    • Our intuition and psychic abilities will began to peak during this time.
    • In addition to your five physical senses, you were born with intuition, your sixth sense.
    • Nevertheless let us accept that astrologers may use some sort of intuition or psychic ability when reading a birth chart.
    • We're trusting our intuition a lot more and being able to rely on each other's intuition.
    • The history of science tells story after story of challenges to human intuition.
    • Use your intuition and telepathy to decide whether either of these cards should take precedence over a non-trump Ace.
    • Remember do not get overly concerned, basic common sense and intuition are your best guide.