Traducción de intuitive en Español:


intuitivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈt(j)uədɪv//ɪnˈtjuːɪtɪv/


  • 1

    (knowledge/person) intuitivo
    an intuitive feeling una intuición
    • she had an intuitive dislike of him le tenía una antipatía instintiva
    • I found that she's a very intuitive, instinctive actress, she doesn't talk a lot of stuff about motivations.
    • I want to build products that people find truly useful, are intuitive, and natural to use.
    • There we have an intuitive reason for believing that the harmonic series diverges.
    • Even apparently intuitive bases of evaluation can be reduced to a series of rules, implying some systematic basis.
    • They owe their content not to experience but to the intuitive capacities of reason.
    • It would in effect make conscious what needs to be intuitive.
    • She was a very intuitive actress and she never consciously worked on her part.
    • He knew that he could do any theoretical question by using his proven natural talent and intuitive understanding of the subject.
    • People can reject dualism at a conscious level, but the intuitive sense that body and soul exist is here to stay.
    • The American public seems to have an intuitive sense for soft power even if the term is unfamiliar.
    • This recognition is not automatic and intuitive; it has to be constructed.
    • It is an intuitive and instinctive art that does not need school tutoring.
    • The same held true for clothes - Mary had an intuitive understanding of the power of a pretty dress.
    • This simple answer seems to fit many of our intuitive convictions.
    • His methods were based on his intuitive grasp of velocity and speed-to-power ratios.
    • The man has a great knowledge of 80's songs and boasts an intuitive feel for what the crowd want to hear.
    • In other words, scepticism is a serious problem only if it is not natural or intuitive.
    • Rather it is an experience to be felt with intensity, it is intuitive, instinctive, wild.
    • In fact, I think it is partly based on an intuitive phenomenon, which any theory of consciousness has to accommodate.
    • They may symbolise our more intuitive and instinctive parts or serve as messengers for the unconscious.