Traducción de invalidate en Español:


invalidar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈvalɪdeɪt//ɪnˈvæləˌdeɪt/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    (will/argument/contract) invalidar
    • Finding such so-called prior art is the only way to invalidate a patent.
    • Federal Courts have the power to review and invalidate legislative acts which are contrary to the Constitution.
    • That ‘debt deflation dynamics’ have not manifested themselves thus far in the US does not invalidate the theory.
    • How funny that you would try to turn my statement into a racist tome in order to invalidate my point.
    • This does not invalidate the moral argument against hunting but does begin to explain why a minority can make so much noise and commotion while the rest of us are obliged to tolerate their antics.
    • However, having your will reviewed by a good attorney guards against loopholes in the document that could invalidate the will in your state.
    • It should also be noted that the presence of proteins in cell membranes in no way invalidates these arguments, which are quite general.
    • However, while trial courts have invalidated the statute, the intermediate appellate courts that issued both Hertz and an earlier decision have both found the statute constitutional.
    • However, none of this invalidates the general theory that stock aligns CEO incentives with those of the shareholders better than does cash salary; it does.
    • While these are both interesting finds, there is nothing to invalidate the arguments already presented against evolution.
    • The principle of legality doesn't clash with the power of judicial review when the courts must invalidate criminal laws.
    • This would not necessarily invalidate my contention that converts were desirable because they brought with them greater access to the land.
    • The above-cited passage also shows that an assignment contrary to a contractual prohibition invalidates the assignment rather than constituting a breach of contract, unless the contract provides otherwise.
    • The idea that women could do these things to women seems at first blush to potentially invalidate these theories.
    • And the judiciary is given the power to strike down legislation, invalidate legislation that it considers is inconsistent with those rights.
    • His second is that finding unpleasant - even horrible - application of a scientific theory or philosophical argument invalidates the theory.
    • Failure to do this will invalidate the contract.
    • He also said that all the pertinent questions had been asked and answered and that the inconsistencies did not invalidate the officers' statements.
    • Therefore there was no renewal of a passport, because the passport was invalidated.
    • So far, so good, but there is one thing that could invalidate that prediction.
    • following a ruling by the Transvaal Division of the High Court last year invalidating a 1998 national regulation that limited back pay to three months.
    • The court held that the statute did not invalidate the tenancy agreement but merely regulated its circumvention through the imposition of fines.
    • While the lien should not be invalidated, the Plaintiff should not be entitled to rely upon the statement of claim which claims an amount greater than the lien claims.
    • Doesn't this tar him with the same brush as myself and therefore invalidate his argument?
    • Even more striking is Novkov's treatment of the United States Supreme Court's opinion in Adkins v. Children's Hospital invalidating a minimum wage law for women.
    • If Rorty's view about the contingency of all beliefs is right, then at least one belief-his own-is not contingent and so invalidates his general theory: as a result, we stumble round a circle.
    • These cases stress that errors, even fraudulent errors, do not automatically invalidate the warrant.
    • The Supreme Court unanimously invalidated the law.
    • But Stone's argument cannot be invalidated by counter-examples in which no entity or system is prevented, if deprived of care, from developing into a person.
    • This need not invalidate the argument for a continuing bridge between cultures.
    • A civil partnership invalidates any existing wills.
    • On one occasion, a representative for a Democratic county clerk threatened to ‘unenrol’ our members from the voter rolls, which would have invalidated the petitions they circulated.
    • Again, a comparison with the highly social bumblebee invalidates this argument.
    • It is possible that the Parliament could pass a law, having extraterritorial effect, which might invalidate a contrary law.
    • The reporter did ask, ‘Well, doesn't that invalidate just war theory as a whole?’
    • In a four-hour opening address to a packed courtroom, the barrister went on to argue that invalidating the search warrants would set a precedent that would dangerously restrict their future operations.
    • On the other hand, migration to an open software context implies no more costs than migration between two different proprietary software contexts, which invalidates your argument completely.
    • Problems of a moral theory in such an extreme situation do not invalidate a theory for normal situations.
    • This type of movement invalidates the hypothesis that the main mechanism responsible for tumor growth is nutrient competition between cells.
    • Undue influence is another ground which may be applied to invalidate a will.