Traducción de invasive en Español:


invasivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈveɪsɪv//ɪnˈveɪsɪv/



  • 1

    (treatment/method) invasivo
    • Some of these women regret entering a conveyor belt process that ends up with an invasive procedure that causes a high rate of fetal loss.
    • Infants born after very short gestations and require intensive care and undergo invasive procedures are most at risk.
    • Central venous catheterization is one of the most commonly used invasive procedures in critically ill patients.
    • The importance of asepsis and sterilization of instruments and supplies for invasive procedures became widely accepted.
    • For major invasive procedures or surgery, it may be reconsidered 12 hours after the procedure.
    • The local research ethics committee's permission must be sought before a clinician undertakes a new invasive procedure
    • Coagulopathy should be corrected when there is overt bleeding or an invasive procedure is planned.
    • Neonatologists agree on the importance of pain relief for newborn babies undergoing invasive procedures, such as placement of a chest drain.
    • Most attempts to move complex and invasive procedures out of hospital completely and into patients' homes remain marginal.
    • Percutaneous cholecystostomy is a minimally invasive procedure that can benefit patients with serious comorbidity who are at high risk from major surgery.
    • Colonoscopy is an indispensable part of modern medical practice and one of the most commonly used invasive medical procedures.
    • The new policy had the potential to touch many areas in the hospital because invasive procedures are performed in a variety of settings.
    • Invasive procedures such as needle biopsies are guided by ultrasound images.
    • The definitive diagnosis thus requires an invasive procedure with biopsy.
    • It also may be used in other ambulatory settings that perform surgery or other invasive procedures.
    • But minimally invasive procedures, using instruments controlled by humans, have their limitations.
    • For patients with grade III fixed posterior subluxation, more invasive procedures should be considered.
    • Patients maintained on warfarin may occasionally need to stop anticoagulant therapy during invasive procedures.
    • Junior nurses and healthcare assistants more involved in physical care seemed able to recognise that there was more to care than drugs, surgery, and invasive procedures.
    • At the same time, the likelihood of harm from false-positive results and invasive procedures and treatment is substantial.
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    (cancer) invasivo
    • Sixty percent of women who are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer have not had a Pap smear in the past five years.
    • Amphotericin B is the cornerstone for treatment of invasive fungal infections, especially in neutropenic patients
    • Not a single case of invasive cervical cancer was missed with the use of HPV DNA testing in conjunction with cytology.
    • Intraductal proliferative lesions are associated with increased invasive cancer risk.
    • After habitat destruction, the spread of alien invasive species in our countryside is one of the most pervasive threats to our native plants.
    • No cases of invasive cervical cancer occurred in women who had at least three previously normal Pap tests.
    • If you get regular Pap tests, your chances of developing invasive cervical cancer are very low.
    • Battling invasive aquatics Texas has problems with harmful invasive aquatic plants.
    • Only intensive cutting and repeated herbicide treatment can halt the invasive shrub's spread.
    • These superficial lesions can also be treated bronchoscopically to prevent progression to invasive cancer.
    • ‘Polyp cancers’ are defined as invasive cancers removed at colonoscopy when colectomy was not carried out
    • There was invasive cancer in the cyst wall and the adjacent solid areas.
    • However, significant differences have been observed between endometrial cancer and invasive ovarian cancer.
    • Why do nerve cell bundles ‘camp’ near the invasive front of colon cancer tumors?
    • They can be very invasive, spreading with suckers and by stems rooting where they touch the soil but hard annual pruning will keep growth in check.
    • If abnormal cells are found early on, pre-cancerous changes can be treated before they become invasive cancer of the vulva.
    • This finding underscores the need for careful follow-up for the development of muscle invasive cancer.
    • These lesions can progress to carcinoma in situ and then to invasive cancer.
    • But since the plant's seeds are sterile, the grass does not spread like an invasive species.
    • It is also used by people interested in research and conservation, or those simply interested in the spread of invasive aquatic animals.