Traducción de inversion en Español:


inversión, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈvəːʃ(ə)n//ɪnˈvərʒən/


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    • 1.1(reversal)

      inversión femenino
      • The inversion of normal architectonic expectation is not just wilful, but has immense importance for the nature of space and experience.
      • The media who perpetrate this outright inversion of the truth truly have blood on their hands.
      • What gives to this autobiography its particular value is its inversion of insider-outsider positions.
      • The British writer Melanie Phillips, no conservative, sees in such casual assertions a breathtaking illiberalism and inversion of traditional values.
      • That moral inversion did not collapse with the Berlin Wall - it is the chief motor of political correctness, itself invented by Lenin.
      • Verlan is a French banlieu slang which relies on constant inversion of syllables.
      • This summer, I realized I was the servant and it the master and resolved this inversion of the natural order in Kirkian fashion, by taking a sledgehammer to it.
      • The inversion of sacred to profane suggests a downward transformation from the spiritual to the material plane, a profane commingling of the human and divine, the flesh and the spirit.
      • This inversion of the ‘normal’ reaction to such an illness is quite typical of the show.
      • These arguments are an almost perfect inversion of the truth.
      • The most extreme threat to the principles of civility comes, then, not from the direct negation of the truth of its inversion, but rather from its perversion.
      • Though commercial forms of play buy release from work and responsibility, traditional play allows for temporary inversion of the status quo.
      • The principal explanation lies in the obscene moral inversion of victim culture.
      • Heschel successfully demonstrates that Geiger's project was one of inversion - not to Christianize Judaism but to Judaize Christianity.
      • Alas, somewhere over the last two decades or so, liberalism lost its root as the word liberal was perverted to the point of Orwellian inversion - and therefore rendered meaningless.
      • Until and unless this fact is grasped, along with the profound moral inversion that it has caused throughout the west, we will not win this fight for civilisation.
      • We interpret this pattern as a Mesozoic normal fault zone whose inversion gave rise, along strike to the NW, to the south Cameros thrust.
      • For many of these parents, this inversion of responsibility is not simply a reaction forced on them by external pressures: it is what they believe is right.
      • The inversion of the traditional arrangement make the ocean view a communal experience.
      • Why should it be this emotional scale (as opposed to joy vs. pain, or pride vs. envy) whose expressions are subject to positive-to-negative inversion?

    • 1.2Lingüística Música

      inversión femenino
      • Yet one of her favoured modes of writing is the epigram, that celebration of inversion.
      • The V7 and IV chords in standard inversions are quickly introduced, and the remainder of the book generally uses the hands together with chords accompanying a single-line melody.
      • The treble voice of Edward's theme is a modified inversion of its own bassline, and thus, by extension, it too is a variant of the Mother's theme.
      • Version six is an inversion of original material for the right hand with a polyrhythmic left-hand accompaniment.
      • He plays with the reader by offering erotic diversion and inversion in lieu of the expected moments of heroic presence of mind, voice and body.
      • The possibility of having null subjects in language clusters together with the possibility of having free subject inversion.
      • Unit 3 presents major scales, triads and inversions, and chord progressions on white-key tonics.
      • The eight-bar ground is a widely arching and patently melodic tone-row, plus a free bar, answered by its inversion.
      • Both poets share a frequent use of inversion and play with syntax.
      • Some inversion occurs with questions: What it is?, How you are?
      • One of its little peculiarities is that along with front placement of the adverbial goes inversion of main verb and subject.
      • To allude to this lethal confrontation, this terminal comedy of errors, Heine employs the language of irony and inversion.
      • The speech is a masterpiece of shameless rhetoric and inversion of the topoi of legal oratory.
      • I've found this sequencing only works sometimes, and it teaches students to confuse a chord's inversion with its function.
      • This does not mean, however, that negative inversion is less common, or indeed less important as a geological process.
      • In fact, the inversion of these intervals forms the basis of the entire accompaniment for Wistful Memories, and the bluesy Swingetude is based almost exclusively on these intervals.
      • The answers, however, in another inversion of the genre, are anti-answers, leading the searcher back to where he started, to himself, or to death.
      • As students progress to the second CD, they will find extensive theory resources, including chord inversions and building scales of all types, even a ‘weird’ one.
      • Could a chord be played in an alternate, more comfortable inversion in the left hand to give the same harmonic impression, even if the notes don't exactly match those on the printed score?
      • That has a fronted negative adjunct and inversion of the subject and auxiliary.
      • Semantic inversion, is the reversal of the meaning of a term.

  • 2anticuado

    inversión (sexual) femenino anticuado