Traducción de inverted commas en Español:

inverted commas

comillas, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnvəːtɪd ˈkɒməz/

sustantivo plural


  • 1

    comillas femenino
    to open/close inverted commas abrir/cerrar comillas
    • Just for the record, you will note that the word ‘Alt’ is in inverted commas.
    • It was that old newspaper trick of using single inverted commas, safe in the knowledge that most readers wouldn't know this meant it was a paraphrase.
    • These are the author's italics, brackets, inverted commas, and the author's absurdly pretentious diction.
    • When you say ‘the movies’ are you thinking of any movies in particular, thus the use of inverted commas?
    • I deliberately put it in inverted commas in that written submission, cognisant of that very issue.
    • I put the inverted commas in, as it's as much about the word ‘design’ and what it means, as the practice of design.
    • The comment is not intended ironically, no inverted commas are used.
    • It sounds as if the entire text is being spoken in inverted commas.
    • Aren't the elements of sexism and racism all in inverted commas and hence essentially playful and harmless?
    • I use inverted commas because I believe we don't actually own it but lease it from the Americans.
    • One of these days, I might learn to express myself without the aid of implied inverted commas.
    • I use inverted commas advisedly, because there is nothing less real than a TV reality show.
    • Clara used her fingers to suggest inverted commas.
    • I put the word in inverted commas because this isn't like the classrooms I remember from school.
    • Lawrenson simply underlines or puts inverted commas around what Hansen says.
    • The inverted commas indicate that neither term is entirely appropriate.
    • The inverted commas indicate the workings of an inferiority complex.
    • Inhabiting the treacherous world that lies between literary criticism and psychoanalysis, Phillips is someone for whom reality can never appear in print without being modestly clothed in inverted commas.
    • Conventional ambiguous usage will be indicated by inverted commas.
    • I like to think of it as ‘popular’ - in inverted commas - music, whatever that is.