Traducción de investigate en Español:


investigar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈvɛstəˌɡeɪt//ɪnˈvɛstɪɡeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (inquire into, examine)
    (crime/cause/murder) investigar
    (character/suspect/background) hacer indagaciones sobre
    (background/suspect/character) hacer averiguaciones sobre
    (complaint/claim/possibility) estudiar
    (complaint/claim/possibility) examinar
    • It seems we remain a little coy about investigating one of our most basic drives and motivators.
    • The community services committee has set up a panel of six members to investigate the growing problem of dog mess.
    • Swindon police confirmed they are investigating the incident, which happened on Wednesday, June 16.
    • Young people from London, Great Yarmouth and Wolverhampton will also feature in the one-hour special, which investigates the problems faced by teenagers today.
    • Police are investigating the incident but at this stage believe the fire started when a cigarette was dropped onto a lounge suite.
    • Police investigated allegations that the incident involved violence.
    • A second man has been arrested by police investigating alleged election fraud in Oldham.
    • North Yorkshire police were today investigating allegations that a protester was attacked during a Boxing Day hunt in the county.
    • The film has been handed to the Bolton Evening News and the police, who are investigating the alleged incident.
    • The Home Office also revealed the Police Complaints Authority - which investigates serious incidents and allegations of malpractice - is reviewing the high accident level.
    • He was the first of four head teachers to give evidence to the education overview and scrutiny committee, which is investigating the issue.
    • In a separate incident, police investigating the death of a newborn baby found in a stream in England said they were still desperate to find his mother.
    • Simm plays a human rights researcher investigating the plight of women being trafficked through Europe.
    • The Canadian Judicial Council has the power to establish seminars and investigate complaints.
    • Over the next eight weeks this new series explores our body and investigates the current issues facing the world of health and medicine.
    • Swindon police are investigating the incident that happened on Saturday around 9pm.
    • The discovery was made after police investigating an unrelated incident in the area contacted social services staff.
    • The number of studies investigating the wealth effects of relocation on valuation of companies is limited.
    • Choi said the more he investigated the subject of blood types, the more conflicting information he received.
    • In this way researchers have the opportunity to investigate the subject intensively and profoundly.
    • Ehrenreich's book investigates the plight of some of the low-wage workers studied by the EPI report.
    • The goal of the present study was to investigate the foregoing issues.
    • A future study investigating a broader range of psychopathologies is clearly warranted.
    • When the police were investigating the incident they discovered safe-breaking equipment in the dormobile.
    • Rademacher also wrote important papers on Dedekind sums and investigated many problems relating to algebraic number fields.
    • He has also been bailed by police investigating allegations that he falsified documents relating to blood tests ordered by worried parents.
    • We investigated these issues in a case-control study of acute leukaemia in England.
    • An immediate independent inquiry must be established to investigate Robb's allegations.
    • The couple was told the CCTV camera was not working but police say they are investigating the allegation.
    • CEOs were called to testify, while a research staff investigated the basic issues involved.
    • Although his condition is now stable, Mrs Tonge remains with him at the hospital while doctors investigate the problem.
    • It is understood Croydon police are currently investigating the allegations and have spoken to the pupil, believed to be five years old.
    • President Thabo Mbeki is expected to receive a formal request today to investigate these allegations.
    • Although the incident is not being treated as suspicious, police are investigating events leading up to it to establish where the drink came from.
    • Few studies have investigated this subject in relation to Ramadan.
    • Future research needs to investigate whether cost effective strategies can be designed that produce similar results.
    • Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, investigated the issue.
    • Two men were arrested earlier in the election by police investigating allegations of election fraud and of stealing ballot papers.
    • By the study of his teachings one learns to investigate ones different mental states which change very rapidly.
  • 2

    (do research on)
    hacer una investigación sobre

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    she went downstairs to investigate bajó a ver qué pasaba / a investigar
    • the teacher promised to investigate el profesor aseguró que haría averiguaciones