Traducción de invisibles en Español:


partidas invisibles, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈvɪzɪb(ə)lz/

sustantivo plural


  • 1

    partidas invisibles femenino
    • Substantial invisible earnings meant that Britain could sustain a trade deficit, the value of exports being less than imports, without experiencing a balance of payments deficit because invisibles added to exports exceeded imports.
    • This data does not include software exports which are shown under invisibles.
    • These misleading perceptions are not helped by data on invisibles being less timely, frequent and certain than data on visible trade.
    • Our balance of payments got progressively worse and NZ started to borrow overseas to bridge the gap between our imports plus invisibles, and falling exports.
    • Poor trade figures have been airily waved aside as irrelevant or of no consequence so long as oil and invisibles - investment inflows and earnings from travel, insurance and tourism - continued to boom.