Traducción de involuntary en Español:


involuntario, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈvɒlənt(ə)ri//ɪnˈvɑlənˌtɛri/


  • 1

    • I must admit to an involuntary shudder of pride tingling down my spine when I heard her say those words.
    • Theirs can be described as involuntary migration; they ended up in various places where they continue working on films that contribute to the big project of diasporic Balkan cinema.
    • And we must end the stop-loss and involuntary recall of troops that amounts to nothing more than a back-door draft.
    • You may find him strident, irritating or humourless, but fact of the matter is the involuntary shudder running up your back after that line is real enough.
    • Last season's cup final experience with Dunfermline still prompts an involuntary smile.
    • She felt herself give an involuntary shudder and scolded her girlish urges.
    • There would be evidence that the killing happened when he was asleep or in ‘a confusional arousal state’ which could make the acts involuntary and give Lowe a defence of automatism.
    • An involuntary shudder racked her body, but she stood rigid, trying to appear as if she lacked the fear that she felt in her heart.
    • Thus I utter an involuntary shudder at every routinely odd noise that the computer makes.
    • Most seizures are accompanied by an altered state of consciousness and sometimes by involuntary movements.
    • I went off into a day punctuated by involuntary shudders of revulsion as the sensations were recalled.
    • I gave an involuntary shudder at the thought of what had happened last night, and I felt Adam's steadying hand on my back as we walked out into the hallway.
    • An involuntary shudder coursed through the frightened cheetah as he drew himself into a tight ball.
    • Air Traffic Control can get very shirty about some of my involuntary aerial antics I can tell you.
    • I felt an involuntary shudder shake my body at the feel of his hot breath against the sensitive hollow of my neck.
    • Huge sobs shuddered throughout her body, causing involuntary convulsions to tremble in her heart.
    • The commission will also be able to arrange for an independent review by a Mental Health Tribunal of all decisions to detain patients on an involuntary basis and each decision to extend the duration of such detentions.
    • ‘I think I'll be able to handle it,’ she said, but the involuntary shudder she did indicated she wasn't so positive about it.
    • The complexity of some symptoms often confuses family members, friends, teachers, and employers who may find it hard to believe that the actions or vocal utterances are involuntary.
    • His consumptive, rail thin appearance prompts a collective involuntary gasp, not just because he looks as though his legs might buckle at any second but because the resemblance to his legendary grandfather is almost eerie.