Traducción de involuted en Español:


complicado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪnvəˈl(j)udəd//ˈɪnvəl(j)uːtɪd/



  • 1

    (plan/style/plot) complicado
    (plot/plan/style) enrevesado
    (decoration/design) intrincado
    • I'm fascinated by how involuted discussions of race and society become.
    • Comedian and geek Samuel Johnson Danny O'Brien has put together a happening of such perfect, involuted cleverness that it takes the breath away.
    • In terms of Irish stereotypes, Beowulf seems like a Gaelic rather than a Celtic piece of art - canny, virile and earthbound rather than dreamy, spiritual and involuted.
    • Various theories propose that it was the product of paranoid madness, the involuted working of kinship-based rivalries, or a reasoned, rational punishment of treachery.
    • While it is not easy to fathom the chairman's involuted public locutions, he appears to have had more than one reason for his interest rate manipulations.