Traducción de inwardly en Español:


por dentro, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈɪnwərdli//ˈɪnwədli/


  • 1

    (agonize/gloat) por dentro
    he smiled inwardly sonrió para sus adentros / en su fuero interno
    • inwardly, he was a beaten man interiormente, estaba acabado
    • Two can play at this game she thought, giggling inwardly as she relished the look on his face.
    • And don't get too comfy in my head, he thought inwardly, realising his mistake.
    • If there's a horror fan alive who does not inwardly cringe at the doom-laden sound of slow creaking, they must be deaf.
    • She quietly called and then inwardly winced at how weak her voice sounded to her.
    • The film's characters are so inwardly focused that they only rarely emerge from a neurotic bubble.
    • The thought made me inwardly wince and I cast my gaze over the room.
    • The air was beginning to heat up, the city had little air and I inwardly groaned at the prospect of spending the day in that heat.
    • This is a genuinely stimulating book that all of us should read and inwardly digest.
    • To meditate as the Buddha did, means to look inwardly and clearly see the very highest.
    • As the subject of my weblog was brought up in conversation, I found myself inwardly groaning.
    • she winced inwardly when she realised she had just as good as asked how her date with Josh the Wonderful had gone.
    • I did my share of flirting and went home at a decent hour with my husband, sighing inwardly.
    • He inwardly groaned, he was never going to get out of it now, and he did not relish waking her up.
    • Faith's heart sank with those words, and she cursed herself inwardly for swallowing her pride and coming to him.
    • I am growling inwardly, and I keep finding non-existent excuses to disappear for coffee.
    • He has the courage to act and live with the kind of integrity which we can only inwardly affirm.
    • The design was astounding and it made me weep inwardly that it would be so easy to bring it back.
    • Outwardly you become a very confident person, but inwardly not at all.
    • He put on a show of bravado, but inwardly he was seeking any way out of his predicament.
    • They will mention it in newspaper articles and shudder inwardly when the poor talk.