Traducción de inwards en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɪnwədz//ˈɪnwərdz/



  • 1

    • He scrambled to the floor and was about to dive under the bed when the door swung inwards and the light from the corridor blinded him for a moment.
    • He glanced up from the tiled bathroom floor, and watched as the door to the bathroom swung inwards.
    • There's a squeak to the hinges as well, something sudden and unexpected, only kicking in when the door's almost fully swung inwards.
    • Charged particles dive inwards towards the center of the tail and cause it to increase in length and to taper.
    • The entire structure began falling inwards, collapsing in on itself like a cloth being folded.
    • It swung gently inwards and for a moment all was lost in a sea of white light.
    • As the lights go up the rigging falls through the trap door and the backdrop appears to be sucked inwards towards the centre of the stage.
    • The lock clicked open and the door swung inwards, inviting her to come in.
    • This time though the door swung inwards smashing a few who were to slow to get out of the way against the wall.
    • The hinges creaked as the door swung inwards, revealing a grassy field, a familiar sight to Katrina.
    • It squeaked as it swung inwards, and Jennifer stood against the wall, knife in hand, wishing she had a gun.
    • The heavy oak doors swung inwards, and both Jenica and Brian stepped through into a round chamber.
    • With a boom more felt than heard, the hatch locked and air began to hiss inwards.
    • A few halls, including the old Gewandhaus in Leipzig, retained the older seating plan with the rows facing inwards towards a central aisle.
    • The gate cried back in outrage and pain, as the wood and steel began to bulge inwards, barely holding back the forces that swelled from Terren.
    • Reaching the eighth plank, he pushed, and it swung inwards, revealing a small crevice that he quickly squeezed into.
    • A door swung inwards behind the terrace exit and another ghost stepped out.
    • Ian found himself reluctantly letting his lids fall shut, and he heard the door swing inwards.
    • Doyle, still leaning against the door, had little precious time to catch himself as Cordelia swung it inwards.
    • Once inside, roosting wrens squat up to two or three layers deep with heads facing inwards and tails towards the entrance or sides.