Traducción de irate en Español:


airado, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌɪˈreɪt//aɪˈreɪt/


  • 1

    • Fifty years ago it was, according to an irate letter writer in the Evening Press.
    • The most irate members of the public were town centre residents and members of the business sector.
    • The only response to The Peak's inflammatory headline was a few mildly irate letters.
    • Father and uncle head off to search for the kid; Dan soon has to field a call from an irate Amanda demanding to know why her son is missing.
    • One letter, from an irate constituent, insisted that I rang him the moment I got his letter.
    • In response, we may become irate, frustrated, jealous, furiously angry and even violent.
    • An estate in Harpurhey has been labelled a dumping ground by irate residents who feel not enough is being done to make it a better place to live.
    • Not even a snarling boss or irate colleague can spoil that good feeling.
    • The manager was irate after seeing his side denied a clear-cut penalty.
    • I have a feeling that when they return my call they are going to be absolutely irate.
    • The fare increases have been branded outrageous by one irate passenger - and incredible by a driver.
    • On the other, a cluster of irate worshippers, furious that their mosque had been violated.
    • We're very irate about this, we've always had a local member and we intend to still have a local member.
    • Sometimes readers become irate about things beyond any writer's control.
    • There are constant traffic jams at every road junction and the honking of horns by irate drivers is deafening.
    • The staff are constantly dealing with farmers and other members of the public who are upset, or irate, or both.
    • Not surprisingly, customers are often left feeling irate when they receive the bill as they never asked for the loan.
    • Somewhere between Colorado and New Mexico he got into a fight with an irate florist.
    • Having to explain to irate passengers why you can't take their money when the stupid new ticket machines are broken.
    • Police are investigating claims that a teenager was dragged around a Swindon supermarket by an irate shopper.