Traducción de Irish terrier en Español:

Irish terrier

terrier irlandés, n.


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    terrier irlandés masculino
    terrier irlandesa femenino
    • Before that, a series of Irish terriers served as the official mascots.
    • A bargeman was sculling in a small boat in the vicinity, and along with him in the boat was a dog of the Irish terrier breed.
    • There are more than 50 traditionally docked breeds recognised by the Kennel Club, including cocker spaniels, pointers, Irish terriers and vizslas.
    • Two joggers rushed to the scene, just off Chadwick Hall Road in Bamford, after being alerted by the frantic barking of the Irish terrier.
    • The Irish terrier, who lives with owner Pamela in Keighley, was put on a strict diet after his weight rocketed to almost five stones.