Traducción de ironmonger en Español:


ferretero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʌɪənmʌŋɡə//ˈaɪ(ə)rnˌməŋɡər/



  • 1

    ferretero masculino
    ferretera femenino
    at the ironmonger's en la ferretería
    • Excavations at a building site in Walmgate have uncovered walls of the Walker Iron Foundry, a 19th ironmongers based in what is now Dixon's Yard.
    • He was sent to an ironmonger for some rubber nails.
    • By 1685 Thomas Newcomen had established himself as an ironmonger in his hometown, Dartmouth.
    • There's a proper greengrocer's, a butcher, a baker, a haberdashery and a good old-fashioned ironmonger among others.
    • My first job was as a Saturday morning shop boy in the village ironmonger's.
    • At the back of the museum were more displays, on rural employment and activity, including a blacksmith's shop and ironmongers.
    • Also today I went into my favourite ironmongers shop for some washers.
    • A metal plate on the milestones says they were cast by Burts the ironmongers in Devizes adding to their local importance.
    • Her maternal grandfather, an ironmonger, died at Auschwitz when just 42.
    • When I was growing up there were lots of little shops like a local ironmongers.
    • Conventional weed killers will not kill mosses, but there are several proprietary paving cleaners now available in garden centres and ironmongers that will do the job.
    • By 1429 he had accumulated almost £130 in debts owed to fellow townsmen, other Essex men, and several Londoners; among the creditors were two fishmongers, two drapers and two ironmongers.
    • That planning permission has been granted for some sizeable modern structure on the back of the old Stubbs' ironmongers shop in Fossgate is shocking.
    • It had 10 butchers, 10 grocers, six fish-and-chip shops, haberdashers, ironmongers and fruiterers.
    • The former FR Stubbs ironmongers in Walmgate is to be redeveloped - despite strong opposition from its historic neighbours.
    • When in London in 1786, Thomas Jefferson bought a gentleman's tool chest for £11 3s from ironmonger Thomas Robinson.
    • The early ironmongers were known as ferroners, supplying and sometimes such articles as bars, rods, horseshoes, and cart wheel tyres (which had to be of closely specified dimensions).
    • There are no plans to get married though, even if Elliot has stopped trying to convert the boudoir into an ironmongers.
    • The vase had been stamped and sold by Joseph W Bridge, an ironmongers and steelworks company which started in 1870 in St James Street, Accrington.
    • I called into the ironmongers looking for netting but had no luck.