Traducción de irradiate en Español:


irradiar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪˈreɪdiˌeɪt//ɪˈreɪdɪeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (cancer/tumor) radiar
    (cancer/tumor) irradiar
    (food) irradiar
    • One hundred plump seeds were irradiated with 35 krad gamma rays.
    • A2E and cholesterol were incorporated into lipid micelles and irradiated with blue light.
    • The cells are then irradiated with the laser and the cancer cells are selectively destroyed.
    • The mixtures on ice were irradiated with UVA.
    • Now even tofu is likely to be tainted with genetically modified organisms, and your favorite natural tabouli mix may contain irradiated herbs and spices.
    • In fact, American astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle have eaten irradiated beef, pork and smoked turkey.
    • Cells were blocked in G1 phase by factor treatment and were UV irradiated.
    • What about irradiating meat to kill germs (e.coli, etc.)?
    • Cells were then immediately irradiated with the requisite light dose.
    • Then, using an electron accelerator, the researchers irradiated the fragments with electron beams.
    • Food can be irradiated through a sealed container, sterilizing the contents.
    • Levels of the carcinogen benzene in irradiated beef were found to be some ten-fold higher than cooked beef.
    • Protein irradiated in the absence of sensitizers did not show any additional bands on the gel.
    • Seeds were imbibed in water for 24 hr and then gamma irradiated at 10 krad.
    • Most herbs and spices from warm countries, common ingredients in supplements, are irradiated to kill any bacteria from insects or birds which might infect them when they are spread out on floors to be dried.
    • Mice were irradiated unrestrained in their boxes, with the wire cage tops removed.
    • Cobalt 60 and Cesium 137 are the radiation sources used to irradiate food.
    • For example, restaurants, schools and hospitals are not required to notify the public if they are serving irradiated foods.
    • The cells were then irradiated with white light as described previously.
    • Herbs, spices, herbal teas and tropical fruits can now be irradiated under Australian and NZ food guidelines.
    • In Britain, food regulations currently allow only herbs, spices and vegetable seasonings to be irradiated.
    • Seeds of wild type and uvh1-2 were gamma irradiated at 10 krad.
    • Cultures were immediately irradiated with a UV dose of 27 J / m.
    • The samples were irradiated at the Radiation Center of Oregon State University, USA.
    • For example, the industry is still fighting mandatory labels on the irradiated meat products that may appear in supermarkets this summer.
    • Depending on which elements are being tested for, the samples are irradiated with energetic neutrons.
    • Frying, baking, canning, drying, irradiating - these all kill enzymes.
    • A further concern is a fear that the facility will be used to irradiate food.
    • Apparently the US Army spent twenty years trying to make a dirty bomb and they gave up, because they couldn't get it to irradiate anyone.
    • In LPP, a metal tape target is irradiated with a high-energy laser beam to produce an x-ray-emitting plasma.
    • The samples of cellular suspension were irradiated in special glass sample cells.
    • I've heard that some foods are now being irradiated.
    • The U.S. Department of Agriculture last year approved the use of irradiated ground beef in the National School Lunch Program.
    • When food is irradiated, a concentrated source of short ionizing energy waves is used.
    • For linkage analysis, self-pollinated progeny of the two plants were UVB irradiated for F 4 progeny testing.
    • The samples were irradiated at McMaster reactor for 50 hours.
    • There has been talk of evaporative heat and irradiation, but I I doubt New Zealand would accept irradiated fruit.
    • The suspension was then irradiated with increasing UVA doses under gentle shaking in a controlled temperature bath.
    • The cells were irradiated with UVB, and the medium was reapplied to the cells.