Traducción de irremediable en Español:


irremediable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪ(r)rəˈmidiəb(ə)l//ˌɪrɪˈmiːdɪəb(ə)l/



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    • The consequence is that the claim is irremediable, and in the event no amendment has been sought.
    • The danger is that of irremediable harm to life.
    • By converting irremediable loss, heartbreak, physical or spiritual despair into something beautiful, good poems about bad things make us feel less helpless in the face of what we can't control.
    • I'm not overly keen to have patent remedies for the patently irremediable suggested to me.
    • The collapse of the Democrats' Southern base was now obvious and irremediable.
    • The harm caused by homicide is absolutely irremediable, whereas the harm caused by many other crimes is remediable to a degree.
    • Incompatibility of temperament has cause the irremediable breakdown of the marriage.
    • The extinction of animals and plant species and the depletion of non-renewable resources are irremediable crimes.
    • It was another warning of impending and irremediable judgment.
    • Ten years ago I would have said that this sad state of affairs was irremediable, at least for the immediate future.
    • And there are real, bitter and irremediable losses that come with the loss of language traditions.
    • Though Magdalen is still alive, the novel's prophetic gloom seems to have been realized in the irremediable loss of her character.
    • Although some of the demos featuring Ilene Woods suffer from irremediable damage, in most respects this selection is a pleasurable listening experience.
    • To look upon the ruins and relics of our ancestors does not so much resurrect their world as call to mind its irremediable loss.
    • The conflict between the two decisions is irremediable.
    • Recall, for example, his reaction to his father's death, an event which represented irremediable evil to Lisbeth.
    • They are addressing a real concern, however clumsily, and are aware (even if they aren't aware) of what may be an irremediable weakness in electronic security.
    • The unachievable and irremediable task of writing takes the form of an endless repetition, where the same is posed in the dizziness of redoubling, where there is no cognition but only recognition.
    • If they doubt that, their doubt is irremediable.
    • Its a sort of irremediable layer of anti-US attitudes that come with the superpower territory and that we cannot do anything about.