Traducción de irreproachable en Español:


irreprochable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪ(r)rəˈproʊtʃəb(ə)l//ɪrɪˈprəʊtʃəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    • Funnily enough, the fact that Wright had been something of an Ordinary Joe as a player - though one with an irreproachable work ethic - was to prove his greatest strength.
    • Diana and Athena can't touch her, there in the air, absolutely irreproachable.
    • Only a resolute leader who sets an irreproachable personal example stands any chance of making headway.
    • The applicant must have had only one illegitimate child, have ‘fallen’ under a promise of marriage, and been of previously irreproachable behavior.
    • They must be loyal and irreproachable in their conduct.
    • Entertainment can often just be a kind of narcissism where you go to identify with people who are morally irreproachable and physically beautiful.
    • He was of a mild and cheerful temper, generous to the extent of his means, and of an inventive genius; and his conduct after marriage was irreproachable.
    • He acknowledges the cheers of his back benches, flicks an invisible speck from his irreproachable Paul Smith sleeve and saunters off back to Downing Street.
    • The level of care they gave to my mother was irreproachable, so professional and understanding.
    • The cooking is really rather good and it represents irreproachable value for money.
    • After announcing his ‘retirement’, he came back determined to attach himself only to projects of irreproachable aesthetic integrity.
    • More than his divine powers, his glorious heritage or his incredible prowess was his unblemished, untarnished, irreproachable character.
    • To his admirers he was a resolute, wily, irreproachable and indomitable champion of the workers' cause.
    • A foreigner has to be irreproachable, he has to be an example, and even more at Arsenal or Liverpool.
    • Collum, who had as of late been pathologically tardy, arrived last, his hair disheveled, but his suit in irreproachable order.
    • His reason for so doing is clearly stated: he wishes to utilize irreproachable legal methods to enhance the credibility of the norms for which he argues.
    • Bureaucrats are always selfless and the motives of politicians and policymakers normally irreproachable.
    • Most impressive among the generally irreproachable casting is Brian Stokes Mitchell in the title role.
    • Any kind of civilization system has its inherent requirement of heredity and self-existence, which is irreproachable.
    • Despite himself, he was ambushed into wondering whether its plastic beams and presumptuous furnishings had played host to more than the usual irreproachable clientele on the previous evening.