Traducción de irreverence en Español:


irreverencia, n.

Pronunciación /ɪˈrɛv(ə)r(ə)ns//ɪˈrɛv(ə)rəns/


  • 1

    irreverencia femenino
    falta de respeto femenino
    • And yet there's the childlike irreverence at times, the giggles, the non sequiturs, the references to such inane activities as shopping.
    • She can then begin to rewrite them, with a twist, with humour, with irreverence, with blasphemy even.
    • But you know it will all return, with more intensity, more wickedness and more irreverence - and so will you.
    • Goud has always exhibited a devilish irreverence for hierarchies, whether in art or in life.
    • She speaks of God or the gods with a delightful irreverence that never approaches blasphemy.