Traducción de itch en Español:


picar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪtʃ//ɪtʃ/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (scalp/toe) (+ me/te/le etc) picar
      my nose itches me pica la nariz
      • my/her eyes itch me/le pican los ojos
      • I itch all over me pica todo el cuerpo
      • Mosquitos began to bite her skin and the bites itched terribly, though she dared not scratch them for fear of betraying her presence.
      • Here I am tied up, beaten, my nose itches terribly.
      • Her head was itching like crazy and her hair felt lank and greasy.
      • My scalp itches and flakes and I shed big hunks of white skin.
      • When I got home my face started swelling and itching terribly.
      • The wheals can itch, and they look like mosquito bites.
      • The white infection is starting to fade away and the scabs are beginning to itch terribly.
      • They itch just like mosquito bites but without the big slow mosquito to squish.
      • After completing your insulation, you may find that your skin itches from fiberglass irritation.
      • Kevin couldn't stand it, his skin itched and his mind raced.
      • After a short time it begins to tickle, then to itch, and finally even make the neck a bit sore!
      • Doctors can find nothing wrong with the ear, but it itches like crazy.
      • Her healing stomach itched and prickled with a stinging burn.
      • Two bites on my arm have come up and they itch like hell.
      • I suffer badly from allergies, and my eyes itch constantly.
      • They itched like crazy if you didn't cut them off.
      • A minor bite causes a bump that may itch for a few hours, then disappears over several days.
      • You come to work and at the end of your shift your skin itches.
      • The bite itched like the world, but I resisted the urge to scratch it.
      • "Her bottom's been itching all this week, especially at night.

    • 1.2informal (be impatient, eager)

      to be itching to + inf/for sth
      • he was itching to tell her estaba que se moría por decírselo
      • she is itching for a chance to appear on TV se pirra por salir en la tele
      • Britain is being forced to choose between America and Europe, and Blair is positively itching to take the test.
      • The dog who stands straight and doesn't circle is itching for a fight.
      • Are you itching to try out some new moves but not sure where to start?
      • His fingers itched to touch it and he fought the urge by curling his hands into fists.
      • Do you want to stay in the genre or are you itching to try something different?
      • It was as if it was beckoning me outside and I itched to join it.
      • Her hands had itched to run across his wide shoulders, down his chest.
      • Ben was positively itching to get his fingers on the keyboard, but Lia wisely didn't let him.
      • But Royer was a bit restless and was itching to ratchet things up a notch.
      • Williams is now itching for a chance of first team football with Palace.
      • His fingers itched to touch her in places he shouldn't even begin to think of.
      • Her own fingers were itching to touch his whiskered jaw, her lips craved the taste of his.
      • He was itching for a fight and she seemed ready to give him one.
      • He had his annoying smirk back in place and she itched to slap him.
      • It has strong European flavours and is itching to be taken seriously.
      • She banged loudly on the front door, her hand itching to slap something.
      • He still itched to grab one of her daggers and turn the tables on her.
      • She'd taken several gardening classes, and she was itching to get started.
      • She was constantly itching for a new place, a new territory.
      • Besides, I was itching to get out and test the stallion's motion.

  • 2

    (cause irritation)
    (underwear/wool) picar
    (underwear/wool) hacer picar

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    this is itching me esto me hace picar


  • 1

    picor masculino
    picazón femenino
    comezón femenino
  • 2

    (with masculine article in the singular) ansia femenino
    he felt the itch for travel tenía el gusanillo de los viajes coloquial