Traducción de item en Español:


artículo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈaɪdəm//ˈʌɪtəm/


  • 1

    Comercio artículo masculino
    (in collection) pieza femenino
    (on agenda) punto masculino
    I would like to order items 47 and 68 desearía encargar / pedir los artículos 47 y 68
    • many items at half price muchos artículos a mitad de precio
    • there were a large number of items on the agenda había gran cantidad de puntos a tratar en el orden del día
    • items of clothing prendas de vestir
    • items of furniture muebles
    • allergy to particular food items alergia a determinados alimentos
    • Who else is going to remove those dated food items from the shelves?
    • He would place an item on the agenda on an annual basis to keep the project before the public mind.
    • Now none of these are true collector's items and most need new parts.
    • Shareholders can use the opportunity to place items on the meeting agenda or to ask questions.
    • Rate the following items on a scale of 1 to 5.
    • I'll kick things off by offering one of my own items for sale.
    • We need to be reminded that poverty is the most expensive item on the agenda.
    • Please note that all items for inclusion in these notes must be in by noon on Friday.
    • Each item of furniture was draped in white sheets and the windows were shuttered.
    • Sellers should always insist on a cashier's check, money order or certified check when selling a big-ticket item.
    • In addition to our focus on paper, there are other items of interest.
    • They have those menu items available in their restaurants.
    • Among the most picturesque items on display are the skilfully fashioned figures in pottery.
    • Clay utensils, items made of bamboo and coconut shell and handicraft items are also available here.
    • The reasons for purchasing luxury items also differ slightly by gender.
    • Anyone wishing to donate saleable items to the auction can contact any of the following members to arrange collection.
    • Hannah paced through the busy crowds towards a small shop that sold every item of clothing under the sun.
    • You can add a launcher to your panel or add a menu item to your window manager menu.
    • The house is now a museum and displays many items belonging to the family.
    • Donate the unwanted item to charity, as someone will certainly appreciate it.
  • 2

    (in newspaper) artículo masculino
    (in show) número masculino
    news item noticia femenino
    • This news item was the headline news in all of the Hong Kong newspapers.
    • News items for inclusion in next week's issue can be forwarded to the usual phone number or address.
    • When a story like this is promoted to the lead item on national news bulletins, you know that all perspective has gone out of the window.
    • Think of the many promotional news items that will sprout on its pages and channels as a result.
    • The fight was still the lead item on the local news last night - and I live in Brooklyn.
    • Finally, if you like reading about odd items of news, do have a look here.
    • On Sunday evening Holly expressed surprise that Rod's death was the lead item on the TV news.
    • The MEDALS Program Management Office posts news items pertaining to MEDALS where users may respond via an email hyperlink.
    • But I don't agree that it should be the main item on the news night after night after night.
    • Even in hospital he worried about an item of news for the next issue of his paper.
    • The letters to the editor became a news item but only because the newspaper gave the issue a voice.
    • Yesterday, I saw an item on CNN Headline News that made me look around the net for some details.
    • Sometimes quite separate items of news from widely different places can appear to be connected.
    • Journalists are the mechanism for converting a press release into a news item.
    • You must have had a serious depletion of news items to have made this your front page story.
    • The writer has dug up an item of news and presented it in a straightforward manner.
    • Speculation that David Beckham may be leaving Old Trafford becomes a front page news item.
    • The second item of news is that Europe has caught up considerably with the United States.
    • The second item of news went some way towards softening the blow of the first.
    • Neither the news item nor the editorial contain much more than anecdotes.