Traducción de iteration en Español:


iteración, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪdəˈreɪʃ(ə)n//ɪtəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    iteración femenino formal
    repetición femenino
    • Write a program for policy iteration and re-solve Jack's car rental problem with the following changes.
    • If I may repeat my iteration from an earlier post.
    • Start with a relatively simple service and move forward in short iterations.
    • And of course the announcements were largely iterations of existing products and/or concepts.
    • The most dramatic iteration came on the floor of the Senate, when he made it the centerpiece of a carefully prepared 20-minute oration.
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    iteración femenino
    repetición femenino
    • By contrast, a traditional microprocessor would have had to run many iterations of the software to come up with the answer.
    • Over the past decade Web design has gone through many iterations, driven by the ever-changing environment.
    • This factor analysis was based on the combined normative samples using principal factoring with iteration plus orthogonal rotation.
    • In successive iterations, the depth of the model also increases.
    • Frequently there are a number of iterations, and the development cycle is lengthened and deadlines missed.
    • Now, sometimes you have to cycle the state machine through a few iterations before you get to an output state.
    • Perhaps worse, significant delivery delays associated with design iterations mean reduced market share and lost revenue.
    • The output typically appeared to be nonstationary for up to 200,000 iterations of the algorithm.
    • What are the barriers to the technology reaching its full potential in future iterations?
    • Our Pirate game has gone through several iterations in its four-year development process.
    • The first iteration of Verizon's fiber network will download 30 megabits per second.
    • "I wish a wider search criterion had been used in the first iteration!
    • Constructing a probabilistic model, we performed 1,000 iterations of this scenario.
    • For a game that has seen three iterations, I would've expected a bit more stability than my experience with it on my computer.
    • Don't be surprised if it takes several iterations to become comfortable with the CLD.
    • We also rebooted between test iterations to clear out disk and memory caches.
    • Through its many iterations, Worms has culminated into WWP; a well-polished title in its own right.
    • The computer went through thousands of iterations before it produced any movement.
    • The voiceovers, missions, and story seem if possible even better than previous iterations of the game.
    • However, licensing problems from Microsoft have made the device less than entirely useful in its first iterations.
    • Over a decade has passed since then, and Namco have refined, reworked and polished the Tekken formula through many iterations.
    • Convergence is declared when the relative change in likelihood between successive iterations is less than a user-defined threshold.
    • If one can get past all this, Settlers is quite charming and this facet alone explains why it has endured for four iterations and possibly more in the future.
    • Does each server hold just a portion of a single massive game universe, or are multiple iterations of the universe planned?
    • The previous Aurora wasn't bad, but the latest iteration is more " me too " than distinctive.