Traducción de iterative en Español:


iterativo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɪt(ə)rətɪv//ˈɪdəˌreɪdɪv//ˈɪdərədɪv/


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    (method/process) iterativo
    • Research shows that iterative methods reduce the risk of failure, compared to traditional models of development.
    • An iterative best-fit curve computational program is used to determine k.
    • However, the biasing potential still cannot be easily determined without rather a tedious iterative procedure.
    • The development of the model was an iterative process that involved testing and refinement.
    • Finally, we investigated the performance of the iterative procedure.
    • In fact, the development process was based on iterative development and improvement of source code.
    • Consider, for instance, the iterative geometric process of creating flaky pastry dough.
    • Thus the only appropriate deconvolution method that can be used is the iterative convolution.
    • The starting values required for the iterative procedure were estimated graphically.
    • He may get curious about other instances of iterative processes and their general theory.
    • The crosses in figure 2 display the results of the iterative method.
    • To reassign out-of-focus light to its point of origin, the data was processed using an iterative constrained deconvolution algorithm.
    • Subsequently, iterative profile refinement was used to make the profile searches more sensitive.
    • This book is the result of an iterative process of consulting with experts in the field of computer and network security.
    • Chasing the elusive fun factor implies a much more iterative approach to development.
    • Thus, we cannot use the same iterative approach as detailed in this paper.
    • This is a general definition of an iterative process that works for any function f.
    • Playful iterative processes are likely to fit the bill.
    • Often various iterative algorithms are tested by using them to compute the digits of familiar numbers like [pi].
    • In a paper published three years later, Farkas examined the convergence of more general iterative methods.