Traducción de itinerary en Español:


itinerario, n.

Pronunciación /ʌɪˈtɪn(ə)(rə)ri//ɪˈtɪn(ə)(rə)ri//aɪˈtɪnəˌrɛri/

nombrePlural itineraries

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    itinerario masculino
    • No tourist itinerary is complete without a visit to this paradise.
    • Michael Dunne local organiser also addressed the meeting and went through the planned itinerary.
    • At that time, Uganda wasn't on any tourist itinerary.
    • There are enough fairways here to fill even the most ambitious itinerary.
    • In reality, I am safe and sound and I do not intend to change my travel itinerary.
    • We accomplished five of their seven-day itinerary in the first two days.
    • Choosing the right cruise line and cruise itinerary can be somewhat of a challenge.
    • The following are details released by Downing Street of George Bush's itinerary for his four-day visit to Britain.
    • Assessing malarial risk requires a detailed knowledge of a patient's travel itinerary and accommodations.
    • Baghdad is rather pleasant this month, actually, and the Pentagon is planning an itinerary.
    • But the exact itinerary of the tour is yet to be finalised.
    • Hinckley has to follow a very detailed itinerary.
    • Their busy itinerary included hill walking, surfing and kayaking.
    • None of us could remember the exact itinerary.
    • However, why not design a faster ship to create more far-ranging itineraries?
    • But, until recently, impoverished Mozambique wasn't featured on too many tourist itineraries.
    • The itinerary was arranged at the tourists' requests, according to Shoji.
    • But many locals hope performing arts companies will soon add it to their national tour itineraries.
    • Try to plan your itinerary to arrive at your destination during daylight hours if you can.
    • But despite a packed itinerary, they will be heading towards Agra to see the majestic Taj Mahal.