Traducción de its en Español:


su, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪts//ɪts/


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    (plural) su
    it has its problems tiene sus problemas
    • it's lost its handle se le ha caído el asa
    • If you want to look at what a treat you are in for, visit the site and its web camera.
    • The game had started off slowly and cautiously but it did not take long to find its tempo.
    • Living with it for a week in all sorts of conditions brought out its good and bad sides.
    • You could serve it as a side dish, on its own with a salad, or as part of buffet spread.
    • A scan at the gantry and its array of various malts tells me this is a decent hostelry.
    • If the very last trick has no winner its cards go to the winner of the previous trick.
    • It now offers a new owner the chance to build upon its past and to reawaken it as a working estate.
    • It had toppled itself so far over to one side that it had pulled its roots out of the soil.
    • They appear to be of much more value to the area and its people than the paid officials.
    • This is the most infuriating type of horror flick in that it and its cast are just so stupid.
    • No other land sale in Scotland has relied on a charter of such antiquity for its sale.
    • The retreat will be the first of its kind in Britain, and only the second in the world.
    • To me, a squeak or rattle is reason enough to sell a car, to him it's part of its charm.
    • The label on the back suggests that to drink it at its best you should heat it up and add a slice of orange.
    • Not the least of its achievements is the way it makes you look anew at the area it describes.
    • She drove across the grass area, hit the road sign and the car turned over on to its side.
    • The bow is separated from the main body of the wreck and rests on its starboard side.
    • Maybe it is like a moth to a flame, fascinated by its brightness but also blinded by it.
    • Taylor is taking full advantage of the garden looking at its best at this time of year.
    • The council is to fund the lease by selling some of its other properties in the city.


The translation su agrees in number with the noun which it modifies. its is translated by su, sus according to what follows: its snout/head su hocico/cabeza its problems/difficulties sus problemas/dificultades.