Traducción de ivory en Español:


marfil, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʌɪv(ə)ri//ˈaɪv(ə)ri/

nombrePlural ivories

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    marfil masculino
    she collects ivory colecciona objetos de marfil
    • At last, my fingers slipped across the warm ivory of the gun handle, and I ripped it out from its hiding spot beneath the linens.
    • Walrus ivory is derived from the male animal and usually has a much smaller cross-section.
    • He said there were not many captive elephants in Thailand with decent sized tusks to provide legal ivory to the market.
    • Since the ban on the trade in ivory in 1989, elephant populations in Africa have generally stabilised and in some areas are increasing.
    • He was also accused of killing thousands of elephants for their tusks and smuggling ivory and sandalwood worth millions of dollars.
    • While he declines to provide specifics until the data are published, he says elephant poaching for ivory has become a serious threat to the species.
    • Ivory-producing states argue that the sale of legal ivory can offset the considerable costs associated with elephants.
    • Walruses were killed for three centuries for their oil, skin, and ivory from their tusks.
    • The rebels are believed to be eating and selling hippo meat and taking the animals' teeth for ivory.
    • Major problems confronting CITES have resulted from the highly lucrative trade in the ivory from tusks of elephants.
    • In June 1989, the U.S. government imposed a ban on commercial importation of African elephant ivory into the country.
    • The handle was made of ivory, and the design was intricate.
    • Today, of course, ivory is hard to find and almost prohibitively expensive.
    • One of the most famous archaeological finds in Scotland are the Lewis Chessmen, made from walrus ivory and dating from the 12 th century.
    • Those involved in the trade can make millions of rupiah from the sale of the bones, tusks, ivory and fur of the animals.
    • The colour of ivory differs markedly from creamy white to a rusty brown, especially if it has been exposed to light, or treated with a stain.
    • South Africa and Namibia seek amendments to regulations on trade in ivory from elephant tusks which CITES banned in 1989.
    • Currently, Namibia has over 40 tonnes of ivory, mostly from elephants killed in other countries and seized in Namibia while in transit.
    • Rather than being carved in elephant ivory, they have been made from a walrus tusk, a material commonly used in northern Europe for such objects at this time.
    • Back then they were taking ivory from elephants and walruses.
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    marfil masculino
    color marfil masculino
    • Another interesting car is Tudor Coupe from Skoda Auto that excels in creativity with dynamic design and ivory coloured interiors.
    • If you wish to wear warm colours, ivory, orange, cream, bright yellow and green, purple are good choices.
    • The bride wore an ivory off-the-shoulder gown with embroidery and pearl detail on the back, a full-length train and a shoulder-length veil.
    • She wore an ivory princess-line dress and carried a bouquet of cream roses.
    • Olivia wore an ivory satin and net dress and carried a hand-tied bouquet of burgundy calla lilies.
    • Wearing a heavily-embroidered ivory dress featuring veil and tiara, Majella also stopped to thank well wishers.
    • Their nests are a bed of feathers which are arranged on the ground and the larger-than-vulture bird lays two eggs at a time, ivory white in colour, add the Park authorities.
    • Colours this season are ivory, camel, many shades of brown, red, burgundy, moss and olive green, and, of course, black.
    • Softness emerged in flou with various artsy embroideries, and in a divine dress made from rows of frayed silk in ivory, brown and aqua.
    • The bride wore an ivory strapless satin dress with a sweetheart bodice, shoulder-length veil, full skirt and long train embroidered with baby pearls and sequins.
    • The walls were a soft ivory and the ceiling was artistic, like those in Italian churches.


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    (paint/table) de color marfil
    (skin) (invariable adjective) marfil