Traducción de jab en Español:


Pronunciación /dʒæb//dʒab/

verbo transitivojabbing, jabbed

  • 1

    I jabbed myself with the needle me piqué con la aguja México
    • she jabbed her elbow into his ribs le dio un codazo en las costillas
    • you nearly jabbed my eye out! ¡por poco me sacas un ojo!
    • she jabbed her finger at the mistakes señaló los errores con el dedo
    • Izaeh charged at Aeros and attempted to knock her off her feet, but Aeros back flipped and jabbed at Izaeh.
    • Aikel parried her stab, and Kyri jabbed at her stomach with the end of her staff.
    • He jabbed at the battered notice by the lych gate.
    • The guy whacked at our van with his stick and jabbed at Austin's face through the glass as Mike drove us away.
    • All eyes turned to the second item written on the slide, as the studio boss jabbed at it with his cigar.
    • When she was about to hit the next in the vertical line, he drew a small dirk and jabbed at her.
    • Ubdal found herself being jabbed at by rifles, and forced into her friends as the attacks advanced.
    • Seagulls jabbed at the fish that lost their shelter.
    • I stepped into the elevator at Nell's and closed my tired eyes as I jabbed at the fourth floor button.
    • It came from the left and Eric dodged back and jabbed at his opponent.
    • She jabbed at the button to turn the alarm off, and it stopped its absurd shrieking.
    • A hand came out of his pocket as a thumb jabbed at the air over his shoulder towards his house.
    • He pulled his staff from his pocket to deflect one of her punches, and quickly jabbed her in the ribs with the tip of it.
    • Mr Hoebig jabbed at it quickly with his bow, but had to return his attention to his playing.
    • I was so angry as I left the hospital that I could barely see the numbers on my cell phone as my fingernail jabbed at it.
    • Bob Jay jabbed at her daughter furiously as she cradled the phone between her shoulder and her ear.
    • A tall, menacing African stood by the tracks and jabbed at me with his spear each time I passed.
    • He jabbed at the button for floor number five, and the elevator doors closed, sealing us inside.
    • The girl scowled and jabbed at his ribs with her dagger.
    • The sheriff jabbed at Porter with the pistol and repeated his question.

verbo intransitivojabbing, jabbed

  • 1

    to jab at sth
    • he jabbed at my arm with his finger me dio en el brazo con el dedo
    • she jabbed at the food with her fork pinchaba la comida con el tenedor


  • 1

    (prick) pinchazo masculino
    (prick) piquete masculino México
    (blow) golpe masculino
    (with elbow) codazo masculino
    • Before Kentaro had a chance to recover, Jake hit him with a blur of jabs to his chest and abdomen, then knocked him to the ground with a right-handed uppercut.
    • Bowe proved that infighting posed no problems for him in spite of his size, as he displayed a wide range of shots including right uppercuts, jabs, body shots and a hard left hook that stung the champion.
    • Myst caught the fist but was still took the blow from the quick jab that followed.
    • Lazarus managed to block a blade as swift as a darting snake, disengaged, and went into a series of jabs to ward away his enemy.
    • A quick jab with his stone fist sent a flash of pain through Catherine's arm.
    • Hamed, who opted for silver leopardskin shorts to mark his return, which was cheered raucously by 10,000 fans inside the Arena, flicked out left jabs to find his range while the smaller Calvo looked nervous.
    • Using jabs to keep the bigger man at bay and hard rights to stun him time after time, Ellis handled Bonavena with surprising ease.
    • Cynthia attacks with a chop - Simon knocks the blow away, and gives her a quick jab to the stomach.
    • ‘I'd leave your head in a bee's nest with my blows,’ Sharpe says, demonstrating with quick jabs into the defenseless air.
    • Tunney countered by foot movement and sharp punches starting with the jab.
    • I tried not to smile as I gave him a quick jab in the stomach, but in the end we were both laughing.
    • Mixing up his jabs to the face and hooks to the body, Arthur poured on the pressure, and in the fifth it was just a question of how many more rounds O'Connell would let the undoubtedly game Greaves continue.
    • His words were cut short by a powerful blow in his stomach, followed by a series of lightning-fast jabs to his rugged face, and finished up with a jaw-shattering uppercut.
    • Griff shots with a power punch in which Kidz dodged and somehow countered with five regular jabs to the face.
    • Dancing around slightly, he looked for cracks in Red's defence, throwing out small jabs to keep him complacent.
    • Ali used his speed to avoid Cooper's hook and he used his jabs to open a severe cut over Cooper's eye.
    • He then hit me with three light left jabs to the face, and finished with another monster right hook to the face.
    • I give Winnie a quick jab with my left fist and a hard right hook.
    • I kept driving him back with furious right handed jabs to the ribs.
    • Crouching down, Lee sends two quick jabs and one uppercut to Kyoske as he tries to fight back.
  • 2

    (in boxing)
    corto masculino
    jab masculino América Latina
  • 3Britanico coloquial

    inyección femenino
    I've had my jab me han puesto / dado la inyección
    • But vaccination rates have fallen across Britain over fears that the jab could be linked to autism and a bowel disorder - leading to warnings of possible measles epidemics.
    • Her mother Mandy, 38, has now urged all parents to have their children vaccinated with the MMR jab, which protects children against measles, mumps and rubella.
    • Nurse Jeanne Woodhouse started vaccinating at 10 am and the jabs were being taken up at a rate of one per minute.
    • A mobile clinic offering separate vaccinations as an alternative to the controversial MMR jab is to visit York next month.
    • Pupils in other years, along with the sixth formers, are also being offered the BCG jab to help vaccinate them against the disease, after undergoing a skin test to check they are not already immune.
    • The most common causes of bruising after a blood test are lack of pressure on the site of the jab until the bleeding has stopped, or if the needle damaged the vein or other blood vessels while it was being inserted.
    • A couple of weeks ago my son who has the same first name as me but he is M.A. Gray whilst I am M.P. Gray went to the surgery to have jabs etc. for his holiday in the Gambia.
    • Fears that the MMR jab may be linked to autism and bowel disorders have led some parents to opt for the single jabs as a ‘safer alternative’.
    • They identified 436 hospital admissions in children who had been vaccinated with the MMR jab in the previous three months.
    • Mrs Lloyd said her son developed symptoms of the rare Guillain-Barre syndrome eight days after receiving the MMR jab.
    • The mum contacted the surgery the next day and was told that Georgina had been administered the MMR booster jab on January 8.
    • Oxford University scientists have found that the MMR jab does not increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease, as previously thought.
    • More than 70% of older people received a flu jab in the most affluent trusts, compared with 50% in the most deprived.
    • It is very important to check you are up to date with your tetanus jabs if your skin is broken in an injury or you are bitten.
    • A new website giving advice about medicines such as antidepressants and the MMR jab was launched today to help ‘fill the gap’ in patient information.