Traducción de jackknife en Español:


navaja, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒækˌnaɪf//ˈdʒaknʌɪf/

nombrePlural jackknives

  • 1

    navaja femenino
    • Adam had chosen a jackknife rather than a fixed blade.
    • With a jackknife, he whittled a point on a thin green stick pulled from a maple branch.
    • I ducked down in onto my hands and knees, and right before my eyes, I saw the jackknife that Todd was carrying discarded on the ground, it was tremendously shiny, and glittered in the company of a red handle.
    • Pen clips, protractors, and jackknives have left hacked shapes to tell people how dull it all was when they sat here.
    • The shorter girl snarled her frustration and lunged after him with her jackknife, tearing a horizontal gash in his right pant leg.
  • 2also jackknife dive

    salto de carpa masculino

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (truck) plegarse
    • Mr William tried to slow down by pumping his brakes but the vehicle jackknifed in the road while trying to avoid Mr Utting.
    • A double-semi had jackknifed, neatly shutting down four lanes.
    • Similarly, neither of the two units will be damaged if the trailer jackknifes with respect to the tractor.
    • A semi-tractor and trailer jackknifed coming down the icy hill on Northeast North Woodinville Way at about the 14500 block.
    • The snow came down in handfuls and cars jackknifed to the left and right of us as we drove east on unplowed streets.