Traducción de jazz up en Español:

jazz up

tocar con ritmo sincopado, v.

phrasal verb


  • 1

    (music) tocar con ritmo sincopado
  • 2

    (decor/room) alegrar
    (decor/room) darle vida a
    a jazzed up version of the classic una versión popular del clásico
    • He believes bank branches can be jazzed up and transformed into places customers feel they genuinely want to visit.
    • The time was right to reinvent the sandwich - or at least jazz it up.
    • Caroline's Beauty Salon will also be on hand offering make-up tips for all you glamour gals looking to jazz it up for the festive season, while Richard Hannigan will be giving advise on all the latest trends in hair design.
    • He does not attempt to jazz things up with cloying camerawork and jarring technique in an effort to be stylish.
    • I wasn't about to dumb it down or jazz it up to sell it to young people.
    • On her lips, I used pink and a natural lip gloss to jazz it up, although it was still a day look.
    • After painting the desk, jazz it up even further by adding funky new drawer pulls.
    • Director Lee Tamahori tries to jazz things up with some flashy editing but can't disguise the fact that the 40-year-old formula is beginning to wear a little thin.
    • Its a horrible, sad place no matter how they try to jazz it up, and don't get me wrong its a nice place, in nice grounds with nice friendly staff.
    • On Nolte's track, the artist uses the melodic sounds of a xylophone to jazz things up a bit.