Traducción de jelly bean en Español:

jelly bean

caramelo de goma, n.


  • 1

    (con forma de riñón) caramelo de goma masculino
    • We gave people bowls of jelly beans and other colored candies.
    • The moment a child is quiet for a second, a jelly bean is presented to him.
    • Eyes are gumdrops and jelly beans, antennae are licorice lace, and the tongue is a shaped gumdrop.
    • For eyes, dip one end of 2 jelly bean halves in melted chocolate and place on cookie.
    • ‘The thing is a big jelly bean,’ joked one juror.
    • The emerald mosaic look on the outside is created with coarsely chopped thin zucchini strips; the ruby coating is made with red jelly beans.
    • She brought along a clown baggy full of candied goodies, such as lollipops, gumdrops, and jelly beans.
    • To eat the jelly beans, or not to eat the jelly beans, that is the question.
    • Amid jelly beans, lilies and egg hunts, Christians must meditate on Christ's cross and Luther's plea for ‘a joyful heart’ in the face of anguish.
    • Mason jars of jelly beans and gummy bears and fresh-baked cookies are there for the taking.
    • All their knowledge is based on what they've been exposed to: a peach flavored jelly bean or fruit roll-up.
    • The tiny Jersey potato, barely bigger than a jelly bean has come to save us from another month of baked and mash.
    • Moisten area around jelly bean with a small amount of water and sprinkle with orange and red edible glitter.
    • You won't faint because you don't have another jelly bean.
    • They say money doesn't grow on trees, but it does spring up from jelly bean soil in these graduation party centerpieces.
    • A simple jelly bean is insidious enough, but these are far worse.
    • It used to be that we could sneak into the reception and help ourselves to jelly beans from the candy jar on the front counter.
    • They have put out giant bowls of snacks: jelly beans, Gummi Bears, unsalted cashews, sugar-free sucking candies.
    • The extras, however, smack sour like olives in a jelly bean jar.
    • Buy them now and some time in the distant future, a Ronald Reagan jelly bean jar may yet be within your grasp.