Traducción de jemmy en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈdʒɛmi/

nombre & verbo transitivo


  • 1

    • The typical villain doesn't go out after 10 pm in a stripey jersey, carrying a jemmy and a bag with Swag written on it.
    • Anyway, by climbing up the cherry tree, swinging across to the balcony and jemmying the window, we soon found that getting in through the bathroom was a doddle.
    • And although the cash register had been jimmied, her purse and a bank bag lay next to her.
    • This one was normal, she'd have no trouble with that one, she'd jimmied locks before, she could do it again.
    • It is undisputed that the small ‘transom’ window was forced open with a screwdriver or jemmy.
    • We'll swing by your place and pick up some jimmies and things for you!
    • He then forced the latch of the window open using a jimmy.
    • A jemmy had been used to force the double glazed front door regardless of its five locking points.
    • Apparently, he jimmied open a window in the rear of the house and came in through the kitchen.
    • Cloake generally used to break into homes by " jemmying " open windows in bedrooms or near the back of the house with a screwdriver.
    • A front door was jemmied open and thieves stole jewellery, a mobile phone, DVDs and a PlayStation 2 console worth a total of £2,000.
    • The stereo was gone, the front door was bent open with a jimmy, and all my cds had been taken.
    • Within seconds he had climbed to the second storey, jimmied open a window, and disappeared inside.
    • In a second he'd jimmied the lock open for me with the tip of the blade.
    • We armed ourselves with axes, crowbars, jemmies, metal poles, sledge hammers, a quart of paraffin and box of matches.
    • Miss Kelly said their attempt to jemmy the shop door set off the burglar alarm alerting passing motorist Andrew Carlton.
    • At a young age Jamie had learned how to jimmy car doors, use a bobby pin to bust open locks and hot wire a car.
    • Police believe they jemmied open his front door, which was usually double-locked.
    • Then, out of sight, they jemmied the outside door and smashed through another internal door, which was locked.
    • He did feel a little strange jimmying the lock to a room at his friends' house.
    • I do own and use a car, but if I have a jemmy, I certainly don't carry it around.
    • For this was the jemmy in the door of national sovereignty.
    • The head added that the thieves caused a lot of damage jemmying open locked doors and filing cabinets.
    • A tool, perhaps a jemmy, was used to open a rear door, but the thieves failed to get inside the car.
    • He extended a hooked claw and jimmied the window open.
    • Security bolts had been jemmied out of the wall and chains had been pulled through the wheels of bikes, breaking the spokes.
    • When she couldn't find the key in its normal hiding spot, she jimmied the lock and let herself in.
    • Arven tried to warn her, but she jimmied it open.
    • The burglar had jemmied the window of the rear bedroom out of its frame, breaking the window catches in the process.
    • Lee guesses the dark shapes are jimmying the lock.