Traducción de jet propulsion en Español:

jet propulsion

propulsión a chorro, n.


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    propulsión a chorro femenino
    • A commuter van from NASA's jet propulsion laboratory tumbled 20 feet down a mountain road this morning.
    • The vessel's shallow draft and water jet propulsion give it tremendous flexibility and maneuverability over conventional ship forms.
    • The combination of the twin hull and water jet propulsion provides very high and very responsive manoeuvrability.
    • Evolution, or whatever passes for it in Dalekland, means they now have a form of jet propulsion that enables them to fly.
    • Many of the new developments - radar, jet propulsion, ballistic missiles, the atomic bomb - were developed largely or entirely in the course of the war.
    • Awkward swimmers, frogfish overcome this problem by using jet propulsion to improve their poor swimming ability.
    • He simply did not understand nuclear power, jet propulsion, or the new space age.
    • Locomotion in cephalopods is accomplished mainly by jet propulsion.
    • He's a man with many of America's jet propulsion geniuses under his purview.
    • The principle of jet propulsion involves one of Newton's Laws of Motion.
    • I don't know that it's something we could be made to understand, as if it were jet propulsion or differential calculus.
    • The move comes at a time when jet propulsion is taking over in this segment, previously dominated by turbo - prop engines.
    • Chabot played decades before the advent of television, jet propulsion, and the Internet.
    • The pilot returned to his writing and work on a system of jet propulsion.
    • Cruise missiles are typically low-flying guided missiles that use jet propulsion to allow sustained flight.
    • Part of the body cavity has become an organ for jet propulsion.
    • All larvae that were rejected after an attack were alive as determined by movements of legs and jet propulsion.
    • Each story was a report, essentially a series of gags, rather than a story with its own comic jet propulsion.
    • With a jet propulsion motor, retracting wheels and a speedboat-like hull, the Aquada's makers say it is powerful enough to pull a water-skier.
    • And before this venture, she worked at NASA's jet propulsion laboratory in Pasadena.