Traducción de jewelry en Español:


alhajas, n.

(British jewellery)

Pronunciación /ˈdʒu(ə)lri//ˈdʒuːəlri/


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    alhajas femenino
    joyas femenino
    a piece of jewelry una alhaja / joya
    • Some are encrusted with costume jewelry, evoking the roughly bejeweled icons of Byzantium.
    • There's no need to buy expensive branded jewelry from Tiffany unless you are making an investment.
    • I learned to make silver jewelry as a hobby and then a minor profession.
    • Items of fine jewelry are priced from 2,400 baht and up.
    • European makeup and costume jewelry, too, are replacing traditional cosmetics and ornaments.
    • For two months she learned how to make silver jewelry, selling some of her pieces through the store.
    • Also, South Beach shops off of Collins have some beautiful handmade jewelry.
    • Patients requiring preoperative magnetic resonance imaging must remove body jewelry.
    • Bronze enabled people to make better tools and weapons, as well as make beautiful jewelry and sculpture.
    • Performance means not wearing jewelry of any kind.
    • The foreigner had tried to steal expensive diamond jewelry at knifepoint from a service girl.
    • Are you buying expensive jewelry for your wife for Christmas?
    • Max, a goldsmith and engraver, established a company that manufactured costume jewelry.
    • She also requested you wear your gold jewelry, even though it is uncomfortable.
    • He wears real gold jewelry and drives a BMW.
    • In India and Asia, the purchase of silver jewelry is not for show but as investment.
    • He tells him of the jewelry store heist idea and Vogel immediately wants in.
    • Once I opened the box I see a small black velvet jewelry box.
    • She then took out her red velvet jewelry box, which contained three rings.
    • Her fingers started to peel off the wrapper, unveiling a dark blue velvet jewelry box.