Traducción de Jewish en Español:


judío, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒuːɪʃ//ˈdʒuɪʃ/


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    • The order did not purport to proscribe attacks on Jewish homes or on synagogues.
    • Mike was from a Jewish background and lost family members in the Nazi Holocaust.
    • British Muslims share with the Jewish community their sense of pain and anguish.
    • The problem comes when people equate the Israeli policy with the Jewish community.
    • From the point of view of Jewish law, a wedding consists of two distinct procedures.
    • Why do the armed men sent by the Jewish high priests take Jesus into custody at night?
    • What matters is that the area is completely enclosed by boundaries that conform to Jewish law.
    • No one can ever criticise the Jewish diaspora for asserting Israel's right to exist.
    • They had not had to grapple to any significant extent with Jewish dietary laws.
    • We were in a group of pre-war members of the Jewish community who had been forced to flee.
    • His family was prominent in the Jewish diaspora and in the service of Rome in the east.
    • Their poor recent immigrant status was at least as important as their being Jewish.
    • Many Jews have told me that being a Jew is not about believing in the Jewish religion.
    • Then Jesus faces the physical abuse and mockery of the Jewish crowds and Sanhedrin.
    • The destruction of Jewish holy places by Arab mobs has recurred time and again.
    • Meanwhile, an appeal is being made to councillors by members of the Jewish community.
    • He concentrates on the treatment and experiences of Jewish immigrants in Britain.
    • In any case, the issue was the degree of association between Gentile and Jewish members.
    • This outraged many in the Jewish community who regarded the posters as a religious insult.
    • He was expelled from the Jewish community on account of his criticism of the Scriptures.