Traducción de jiggle en Español:


mover, v.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒɪɡəl//ˈdʒɪɡ(ə)l/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • There I am, pounding away on the streets, trying to train hard, but my breasts just keep jiggling all the time.
    • The fat that jiggles when you move, on the hips, thighs and tummy, isn't the problem.
    • By chance I found a cloud of fish-fry, thousands of transparent proto-fish all facing in the same direction, jiggling on the flow of the current.
    • Poor Aunt Barb didn't know the frequency, and so she jiggled in vain until someone heard her cries for help and came to the rescue.
    • Also, I suspect that nuns don't usually jiggle like that when they dance.
    • This time I don't feel that way so much, the wriggling and jiggling and tickling inside feels more like a reassurance that all is well.
    • The door handle began to jiggle and Coran quickly reached out and gripped it to try to stop it from opening.
    • Strong winds make it twist, jiggle and dance, hum, sing and scream like a banshee.
    • If you looked very closely you could actually see Courtney's jowls and flabby chin jiggling violently when he went for the big notes.
    • Before the Jell-O started jiggling, though, the topic of a repeat was raised.
    • If only I can work out a way of securing it so it doesn't jiggle about, can I make a second plant out of it?
    • So the overall effect from some distance away was of a green thread that moved steadily, but jiggled and shook like a sensuous conga line.
    • His leg jiggled involuntarily, and he clamped it.
    • I snorted back a giggle at the way the ring jiggled when he moved his eyebrow like that.
    • Metro drivers spend the day jiggling in air-conditioned cabins, sitting on fold-down chairs small enough to persuade many to stand.
    • Looking up when the doorknob jiggled I panicked, jerking up and flushing the toilet quickly.
    • They walk away with a look of feigned understanding while I jiggle away, belly and double chin and all.
    • ‘Come on’, he coaxes, with a devilish little grin while his fingers jiggle in your sides, ‘who's the best?’
    • One of the tunes is Gnat's favorite, or so I like to pretend; she does a little baby-dance when it comes on, jiggling up and down while I do a dance.
    • The first layer is ready when it is golden brown, or when it does not jiggle / move when you take it out of the oven.