Traducción de job lot en Español:

job lot

lote, n.


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    lote masculino
    • Mention a fourth commercial TV network in this country and suddenly the dire predictions emerge in job lots.
    • They had new metal lecterns, bought in a job lot from Ikea, and I had been up all night assembling the bloody things.
    • But the polo shirts are now totally unavailable, so the dear is buying a job lot from Primark and sewing on girl guide logos.
    • The only stipulation is that whoever buys them has to take the job lot; no selling of certain items will be available.
    • Fitzroy ended up being sold to Brisbane as part of a job lot for $18.75 and a slab of beer.
    • They drove around a lot and bought a job lot of shortbread.
    • His campaigning uniform is a dark suit and black loafers, his tie a startling shade of red, one of five he bought as a job lot.
    • The closure of the gap and the erection of a new flyover have been put together in what seems to be a bureaucratic job lot.
    • As I pushed through the last strings of a job lot of whalebone corsets, I was finally able to come upon the books.
    • So Cap has bought a job lot of light blue sweatshirts at Primark and sewn the girl guide badge on.
    • A local businessman is offering for sale a most unusual item which was brought to him as part of a job lot of scrap.
    • They said he was dealing with justice as a job lot, which seemed to be a fairly appropriate phrase.
    • Too often, all three groups are promoted as one job lot labelled ‘progress in biotechnology’.
    • Run-of-the-mill politicians I've snapped up in job lots.
    • We bought paintings in job lots from the sale room in George Street and accumulated furniture as we went along.
    • As for my mum, she's really gone overboard on the death front, buying a job lot of ‘With Sympathy’ cards.
    • I mean, we have tried to sell New Zealand First as a job lot, but nobody else in the world wanted to take it.
    • If I were a Premier League manager I'd seriously look at the pair of them as a job lot.
    • This is because IL&P is only interested in NIB, whose Australian parent has said it will only sell NIB and Northern Bank as a job lot.
    • His obsession with clocks spurred him to buy a job lot of returned timepieces from Ikea, which he has transformed into an art installation.