Traducción de joke en Español:


chiste, n.

Pronunciación /dʒəʊk//dʒoʊk/


  • 1

    chiste masculino
    (directed at sb) broma femenino
    they made endless jokes about my new hairstyle no paraban de reírse de / de tomarme el pelo por mi nuevo peinado
    • I can't see the joke no le veo la gracia
    • we chatted and had a few jokes together charlamos y nos reímos un rato
    • I didn't mean it, it was only a joke no lo dije en serio, era solo una broma / iba en broma
    • You're always the one cracking up the group with your jokes and stories.
    • And even if this is all a big hoax or joke and you don't end up playing for Houston, I still hate you.
    • It is thought that the hoax may have begun as a joke, but it got out of hand.
    • She's this gangly Asian lady who cracks lots of jokes which are actually funny.
    • She enjoys working with directors who make her laugh, and her sense of humour involves ludicrous situations rather than jokes or pranks.
    • Someone cracked a joke and the ensuing laughter jerked him out of his thoughts and brought him back to reality.
    • He tells the funniest jokes and stories and he ends up dominating every conversation.
    • The timing of the jokes, including the funny ones, is way off.
    • Speeches often take place on a raised stage at the front, and this area also acts as the setting for many of the jokes and tricks played on the new couple.
    • It's a prank by an employee or a feeble joke by the management.
    • Watch one funny movie, or read a funny story, or tell your friends three funny jokes, every single day.
    • I think it was a school joke or a prank to make you think that there is someone that knows who you truly are.
    • She cracked funny jokes with a dry sense of humor at the perfect times.
    • To them it was a joke, some prank and they treated it like a day off.
    • Not to mention, my parents are going to think it's some joke or prank or something to get back at them.
    • He always had a great sense of humour and even during his illness he could still tell a joke or funny story.
    • If a speaker does use humor in a speech, make certain the story, anecdote or joke is surefire funny with all listeners.
    • I can't accept anything without thinking that it must be some kind of joke or trick, or have some ulterior motive.
    • As you probably guessed, this list was a joke / hoax.
    • Failure to understand a joke is often funnier than the original joke.
    • The joke may be funny, but all jokes have a shelf life.
    • Malicia used to make me laugh when she told me of the harmless jokes and pranks she played earlier that day.
    • Bill Cosby may have gained his fame and fortune telling jokes and funny stories.
    • One of them was also cracking a joke or telling a story.
    • I knew none of those people had pulled that stunt last night as a joke.
    • It almost seemed like a joke, a harmless prank one of his friends had pulled on him.
    • ‘Surely this was all some kind of joke, a stunt’.
    • The jokes are not as funny; the stories not as entertaining; the scripts a bit stale.
    • He would sneak around at night and set up jokes and tricks and then laugh at the staff members who got caught in them.
    • He laughed at what he thought was a funny joke - his funny joke.
    • There are some good jokes and the simple story is fair enough as it is.
    • Either way, the point was, it was all a trick, a joke, a scam - whatever you wanted to call it.
    • What once looked like a funny stunt now could quite easily be perceived as a cruel joke on a sick senior.
    • I doubt he was trying to trick me or play some inside joke.
    • These guys are so funny and laid back on stage, making jokes, telling stories, having a good time.
    • Jay knew she wasn't invited, and this was all a big joke… a trick!
    • We're looking for jokes, gags, funny stories, pictures, whatever, but they must be your original work.
    • Muldowney told police at the time it had been a joke or prank but now realised just how serious it had been.
    • First, amateur comedians notoriously overestimate how funny their jokes are.
    • Their long stories were often entertaining, and many of their jokes were funny.
  • 2

    • 2.1practical joke

      broma femenino
      is that your idea of a joke? ¿a ti te parece gracioso eso?
      • we did it for a joke lo hicimos para reírnos

    • 2.2British (novelty item)

      artículo de broma masculino
      pega femenino Colombia
      (mustache) (before noun) de pega
      (mustache) (before noun) de mentira

  • 3

    (contemptible person, thing)
    as a teacher he's just a joke como profesor es un desastre
    • that interview was a joke esa entrevista fue una farsa
    • their offer is just a joke su oferta da risa

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    don't joke about religion with him con él no bromees / no hagas bromas sobre religión
    • I was only joking, of course it's not true era un chiste / lo dije en broma, claro que no es cierto
    • You joke a lot in interviews about how you wanted to write horror because you experienced so much of it in high school.
    • The commentators joke with each other in the easy manner that comes with long hours spent together.
    • In my discussions with Billy, we joked a lot about the incident among other things.
    • He also took time out to joke with reporters and photographers.
    • You know, you joke about things like hoping you aren't last.
    • Gracien laughed and joked a lot, Eva was smiling and quiet, and Rosie was funny in a sarcastic manner.
    • We all joke that none of us are either rich or famous.
    • I joke about the stalking stuff on the other blog.
    • I joke with strangers and they generally react well.
    • We can joke about our differences, because they're obvious and expected.
    • We all climbed down the steps leading to the club underground, laughing and joking the whole way.
    • People ask me that all the time and they joke with me.
    • Who's your favorite celebrity to joke about and why?
    • We can joke about it but this is a serious problem.
    • Her friend warns her not to joke about such things.
    • This is one thing because people joke about it all the time.
    • We'd joke a little, but mostly we were just taking care of business.
    • He would be laughing and joking one moment and then totally different the next.
    • And even then, you shouldn't joke about them because you don't understand.
    • They joke about the hotly-disputed incident every time they meet.