Traducción de jollification en Español:


jolgorio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒɒlɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌdʒɑləfəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/



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    jolgorio masculino coloquial
    • While we were consumed by first strains of street-level Jouvert jollification, relatives of the late Grandmaster Kitchener were forced to mix merriment with memoriam as they marked the second anniversary of his death.
    • I got there, met the director who was tremendous - all Irish jollification and full of wicked tales, read my lines and left.
    • He builds up an atmosphere of breathless jollification, comic hysteria, and turns it up to a pitch so high it can hypnotize kids and keep them frozen.
    • He had picked up the art of jollification at Oxford, entering ‘manfully into all their parties and scenes of dissipation.
    • As a lover of festivity and general jollification, anytime the word ‘celebrate’ pops up I automatically conjure images of achievement being saluted with pomp relevant to the circumstance and, of course, appropriate catering.
    • I wonder what joy and jollifications that has in store.
    • No, it's not the commercialisation that gets my goat, it's the forced jollification.
    • The jollifications have taken second place this time.
    • An unsuccessful attempt at Bohemian jollification is interrupted by the arrival of Musetta with Mimi, who could hardly drag herself up the stairs.
    • As an unabashed keeper of the Feast of Christmas, I choose to rub shoulders with the forces of jollification, merriment, and solemnity.
    • The next day, people of all ages go into the streets for jollifications and paint-throwing.
    • Lara kissed the earth as he had done in 1994 when first achieving such glory and embraced his faithful disciple Ridley Jacobs who, like Simon of Cyrene, had stayed with him and the air was filled with jollification.
    • But clearly, it is operating in more than a few minds that this unbridled jollification has little value and something should be done to at least curtail its boast of reckless abandon.
    • Unfortunately, Ireland today is tapping the sophisticated capital market of Frankfurt not for investment, but for jollification.
    • If we think about it, Mrs Woodcourt must be wretched as she remains, in solitude, at the southern Bleak House, thinking about the jollifications in Yorkshire.
    • Kernan wrote in 1885 that in Dooley's Long-Room ‘there has come off more Irish jollifications, benefit balls, raffles for stoves, primary meetings, and political rows than in any other public place in the city.’
    • In the flesh, we've gotten far closer to the jollification with which Santa is frequently associated.
    • Perhaps the At Large Membership study, which has a remit to widen public participation in the Net name quango, will conclude that this is best served not by elections but by spontaneous Soviet-style displays of jollification, instead.