Traducción de jolly en Español:


jovial, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒɑli//ˈdʒɒli/

adjetivojollier, jolliest

  • 1

    (person) jovial
    (person) alegre
    (laugh/tune) alegre
    he was in a jolly mood estaba muy contento / alegre
    • Back at base, Alec arrives looking his usual jolly self, full of anticipation and excitement about the coming evening as he chats with the rest of the crew.
    • So it is a bit odd that the nations choose to come here for a jolly festival of running, jumping and splashing about.
    • And she knows just how tough it will be not being able to join in the jolly banter on a busy evening.
    • He has a jolly, ready laugh and mannerisms like an absentminded professor.
    • He clapped with a jolly laugh as he emerged from the darkness.
    • Gatlin entertained rich clients with his jolly wit.
    • She was all very jolly and laughing and joking with us and over a quarter of an hour we learned quite a bit about her and that she was waiting to see a doctor there.
    • But, he remembers, there was that place in Wales where, as a student, he and his friends had that jolly time, and where the landlady was so accommodating.
    • He had a jolly laugh and his belly shook when he was really amused by something, and his wise old eyes lit up with mischief right before he'd ask you a riddle.
    • It wasn't like it was a big walk in the park, everybody was happy and jolly all the time and talking about their next project.
    • Mykela was remembered as a jolly little angel, full of life and mischief.
    • I try to always send him out the door happy and looking forward to his day and encourage him to be cheerful and jolly.
    • Sing-alongs, puppets and a pinch of magic all make for a jolly time at the theatre and a happy ending of course.
    • On-board entertainment including the relentlessly jolly children's club and the cabaret kept us busy until bedtime.
    • Tis the season to be jolly, yet somehow this is also the season to be socially responsible.
    • He smiled, jolly creases appearing on his chubby face.
    • The conservatory was bright with warmth and a jolly mood.
    • Bizarrely the poster shows a jolly, alfresco party, possibly by an unseen pool.
    • Another book signing and talk with hundreds of cheerful, jolly people.
    • He is a jolly soul, smiling at every opportunity and applauding his opponents' shots as if having a knockabout in the park.
    • It's almost sad that Mad Mel is on holiday, her reactions to such a jolly entertainment would be a treat.
    • A pristine set - punctuated with jolly crowd banter is what one comes to expect from Reuben, and they never fail to deliver.
    • The reaction it brought in cinemas was a jolly laugh.
    • He presented each child with a certificate of achievement and his jolly and good humoured manner went down a treat with all.
    • He was a jolly young fellow and always seemed to be happy and smiling.
    • Oh, it's been a jolly time, all those years laughing and talking and partying with Steve.
    • Parents and children sit in a circle, sing songs, play instruments - drums are, perhaps not surprisingly, very popular - enjoy a few musical games and generally have a jolly time.
    • We see commercials and movies where everyone's so damn happy and jolly.
    • Arian was getting up to leave when a jolly looking, red headed giant of a man with sparkling gray eyes entered the room.
    • Evoking the jolly spirit of regattas the rowing centre has a festive functionalism that sits lightly on the earth.
    • His family described Michael this week as a jolly, happy little lad, who had just turned two years old on May 3 last.
    • Before it was a happy, jolly place and now it is like Fort Knox.
    • He's laughing down the phone and it's a pity I can't see him smile, because on his dust-jackets he looks such a jolly fellow.
  • 2Britanico coloquial, anticuado

    we got together and it was all very jolly nos reunimos y lo pasamos muy bien
    • the jolly old school el viejo y querido colegio



  • 1

    it's a jolly good thing I came menos mal que vine
    • you were jolly lucky! ¡qué suerte tuviste!
    • I've finished — jolly good! ya he terminado — ¡muy bien! / ¡estupendo!
    • it's jolly difficult es dificilísimo
    • ‘This is a British-made rickshaw, manufactured to a fantastic specification and was jolly expensive,’ said Marion.
    • This may have been a non-event of Olympic proportions, but at least it all looked jolly impressive for 15 seconds on local TV news later in the evening.
    • Some say this was because they were too proud to conform; others that he realised they'd be jolly useful for the tourist industry.
    • I rustled up a stunning little meal, and I have to say I was jolly proud.
    • They are an excellent live band and jolly nice chaps as well.
    • You'll probably be jolly angry this morning to find I'm wasting your time.
    • I'm jolly glad to know we haven't had any of those in our national life.
    • Well, we've been married thirty years now, and even after thirty years, it's still jolly nice to know that we love one another.
    • I now have two confirmed locations, one more is very likely to say yes in the next few days, and I'm waiting on two that are meeting later this week - all jolly exciting.
    • The next few days are all very exciting though, today it's the wedding of my cousin Amanda (to Daniel) to which I'm wearing the exciting and jolly expensive new suit.
    • He has just had some jolly bad news.
    • This is jolly clever technology.
    • I'm jolly glad that it only took you 5 days to respond.
    • The floodlights are an eyesore, for sure, but since I understand that it's jolly hard to play football in the dark I have not complained.
    • And when you tire of the cultural onslaught, the gardens are jolly nice, too.
    • The extra income was jolly nice, spread out over a few years.
    • They were jolly nice, and they've got this lilting kind of accent.
    • It's still very much inanimate objects and a television screen and jolly old books and things like that.
    • Falstaff was big and fantastically blustery, and in that context, we somehow managed to avoid discussing the politics of the day, enjoying a jolly frivolous evening in all.
    • I rarely meet any of my neighbours, which is the way I like it, but I did meet both of my old beside- and above-neighbours and they were jolly decent blokes.

verbo transitivojollying, jollies, jollied


  • 1

    I had to jolly him into going tuve que insistir para que se animara a ir
    • to jolly sb along animar a algn
    • Mr Hammick said: ‘She had been out with friends who had tried to jolly her along.’
    • The befuddled hosts at first tried to jolly Stewart into being the good-natured guest they'd expected.
    • Don't try to cheer them up, or jolly them out of their pain.
    • Boosterism, flattery, jollying one's councillors towards a decision are vital.
    • Just bear in mind the distinction between assertiveness and aggression if you have to jolly them along.
    • The third character is Awly, the friend who tries to jolly Leo out of his lovesickness.
    • Beaton would receive the speech, jolly it up and send it back.
    • He doesn't even try to jolly her along and make her feel important, because he ultimately sees she's not going to be with him any way.
    • There was a time when his plain speaking was a joy to the ear but can't you just jolly it up a bit, Al?
    • She has jollied people along when they needed it, but has also been a good face and voice in the media for the needs of the farming and rural community.
    • But equally it was obvious from the reactions to my confidential letter that unless I forced the issue they would keep jollying me along and not do anything about finding a successor.
    • And I was always the one that is always jollying everyone up.
    • I'll be damned if I can figure out who goes to these things, aside from those who are jollied along by their employer.
    • Graham will be home for a couple of days tomorrow and that'll serve to jolly me out of it.
    • They jolly the groups around the sets, answering questions from kids and ensuring no one gets lost.
    • The Lion's Club, the Rotary, the Women's Institute, whatever was on the social calendar you could bet that Ant would be involved, jollying everyone along, making sure everyone got a chance to shine.
    • To jolly things up Blighty made the joke about it being a shame more of the voters weren't undead, then Howard might have a chance.
    • He is dynamic and one of those people who jollies everybody along.
    • Be careful about trying to jolly the person along.

nombrePlural jollies


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    viajecito pagado masculino coloquial
    • It got off to an uncertain start this year with Bristol's Essential Festival, a three-day May bank holiday jolly.
    • Alfie will be off on a bit of a jolly for the next few days.
    • A few years before, Ash, Chaz and I went to New York for a bit of a jolly.
    • Next week we've got the rabble that is the Tory fascists party gathering for their annual jolly.
    • In fact, I'll have a word with my bosses and see if we can all go out to Hawaii on a jolly and do a bit of filming.