Traducción de jounce en Español:


ir dando tumbos, v.

Pronunciación /dʒaʊns//dʒaʊns/

verbo intransitivo

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    ir dando tumbos
    • The springs creak, mattress jouncing as he resettles his weight.
    • The mirror slid, bumping and jouncing against the marble balustrades all the way down.
    • Her basket jounced at her side as she climbed, its woven rim digging into her ribs, but she couldn't think of a better way to position it and trekked onward with a sigh, resigned.
    • The operator can then use his own judgment in deciding whether the vehicle needs to be jounced.
    • The boat jounced once off the river bottom, rocking its passengers.
    • With each step her blond head jounced slightly.
    • She had tried running down several hallways, but running only made it worse by jouncing her bladder up and down.
    • Once the vehicles have been jounced or rebounded, manual adjustments of the height of the vehicle take place.
    • Cyril stooped and picked up a handful of small pebbles and jounced them in his hand to shake away the loose dust, then the resumed their leisurely walk along the track.
    • It's inflatable and reactive, so you're bouncing and jouncing around like you're really out on the open water.
    • This bridge swings and jounces at a disastrous height above the torrent below.
    • We took off from Harrisburg with great speed and soon were jouncing along on the jointed rail.
    • The wagon was jouncing over a dirt road, more a slight wearing-away or the sparse brown grass than anything else.
    • As we jounced by roadsides abloom with red hibiscus, through half-lidded eyes I soaked up exotic scenery.
    • The truck jounced frequently, banging his head against the doorframe and it was hard to get comfortable.
    • Mystie followed, jouncing her bed twice before she got up and ran after Laurie.
    • His running jounced her around, making her ribs sore.
    • The oars in my hands jounced up and down, shaking the boat and sending a shiver up my spine.
    • As she walked - quickly, slowly, steadily, unevenly - the bag on her back kept jouncing around and squeaking.
    • Suddenly, the bed jounced violently, sending agonizing stabs of pain through his side.

verbo transitivo

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